Freedom to Obey or Obey to Exploit Freedom. Tricky stuff.

Warren Kinston 14. March 2012 18:00

The various frameworks within the Root of the Taxonomy are naturally and easily understandable by everyone.  They reveal and release a tremendous freedom for the human spirit.  A freedom that I do hope will be seized.

freedomSo far I have posted what must be one of the simplest accounts of transcendence that exists.  All that you require, to transcend your current existence, is the mental freedom to look around at an unsatisfactory aspect and ask yourself "Does it have to be like this?"  If you answer "No", then your imagination spontaneously gets to work and you transcend by using your three inalienable transcendental capacities: to be willing, to be purposeful and to communicate (because thinking = communicating to yourself).  You have this ability even in a gulag.  No-one can take it away from you. 

Even if you go on to make changes to rather small and even temporary matters, you are making your life better and therefore, because you are a part of the world, you are definitely making the world a bit better.  What you do probably pleases or possibly helps others too.  Great!  Your existential balance sheet is looking good.  Freedom has proved its worth.

But you can go further.  There is the creativity framework that is designed—by evolution, not by me: I simply discovered the design—to ensure that you always use all three transcendental levels at every stage: from your challenge, through your perseverance, your commitment and enthusiasm and more.  Worth checking out if you haven't done so yet.  For many people, creative work is incredibly gratifying.  Just knowing that you have it in you is comforting.

But something more has become evident, very evident, and I think it is worth sharing even before the whole story comes out.

Inside Purpose there is a system that governs your choices of what you do with your time.  This system is a purpose of life.  As usual for THEE, there is freedom, but that freedom is bounded.  So you have a choice of purposive systems … but not an unlimited choice: just the usual one or two out of seven.  The thing is: I am not sure how much of a choice it is and how much you simply discover it within yourself.  It is certainly a choice to take that discovery seriously and give yourself the sort of happiness that is possible from living as something inside you thinks you should.  You feel free, but are you free?

One of these Primal Quests (as I have named them) is Obedience.  I don't know how many readers will recognize that fulfilling specified obligations, institution-based duties, prescriptions and rituals, is gratifying—but certainly some will.  Perhaps Jaques aficionados will sympathize because his management theory was ideologically built around an affinity for duties, rules, and procedures.

It made me wonder if the next derived framework might be easier for Obedience-Questors.  Because, just as there is a framework inside Purpose guiding endeavour choice, so there is a framework inside Obedience that guides pursuit of your Quest and other activities more generally.  That framework turns out to be nothing but things to obey.  I'm calling them humanity's Primal Injunctions.

Now, if you accept all these Primal Injunctions in principle (and that's easy-peasy), then you will want to use them in some social situation.  I mean actually apply them in everyday life.  Then that's when you get involved in creating a better world.  Like it or not!

I have also discovered that there is another alternative, and this seems to depend wholly on accepting you are truly free.  I think it involves taking those Injunctions and turning them into virtuous activities.  Once you do that, you open the door to living as a virtuous person.  That's a strange slightly outdated phrase ... I think I mean just living the sort of life that you would naturally want to lead if doing the right thing were important to you.

You don't have to.  After all, freedom is your birthright!

I know, I know: that's twisting the blade to boot.



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