Cycles of Insight and Illusion

Warren Kinston 17. March 2012 09:00

Insight or Illusion

Getting going on any framework is difficult.  What is so obvious at the end of the inquiry is almost wholly obscure at the outset.  I feel like a person who is blindfolded in a multi-dimensional maze.  Insight seems absent. 

My experience and knowledge give me the courage to start.  But they never take me very far.  I find that I have to move forward using two methods in intense discussions.  These are: successive approximation and structural checking.

Successive approximation means that I make a stab at knowing—a name for something, or a formulation, or a property—and see how it works.  Usually not very well.  So I think about how to improve it … and then make another stab.  That will probably More...


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