Willpower, Reality and the Creative Challenge

Warren Kinston 18. November 2012 12:00

Willpower seems to be returning to popular focus.  That can’t be all bad for THEE which takes its origin from willcreative challenge letting go courtesy gnuckx The taxonomy only focuses on those matters which we can will into existence, and which would not exist if we did not will them.  Like I’m currently willing this blog into existence, and you are using your will in giving it some attention.

While will has an intrinsic energy (human energy as distinct from physical energy), this seems to manifest as part of the creation of personal purposes and values.  Nothing much can be willed without a goal.  Things happen without intending of course: we don’t More...


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Creativity | Personal Endeavour

Creativity, Having Ideas and Gripping Reality.

Warren Kinston 22. February 2012 11:00


I've been correcting some minor typos today on the Taxonomy's framework for creativity, second section just posted.  I wonder if it will connect with people?  That set off musings…

The blogosphere is full of creativity at present and most of it is about getting ideas.  But ideas are easy.  Even good ideas are rather easy.  All that's required to make an idea good is for someone to call it 'good'.  Or even 'brilliant'.  Or, to be on the cutting edge of language, 'awesome'.

Being in a group is a great way to More...


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Optimism and Using Dialectic Thinking

Warren Kinston 19. February 2012 16:00

Optimism and dialectic thinking

Life is not about what you believe, it is about what you do.  And doing thrives on optimism, with some hope as the sauce.  It chokes on pessimism marinated in cynicism and doubt.

These thoughts come from the latest posting on creativity.  The topic is still in the forefront of my mind because I am working on the two postings for March. These are about what More...


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Creativity | Nature of the Taxonomy

The Joy of Offenbach

Warren Kinston 15. February 2012 17:08

Jaques Offenbach

When the mood of society is bleak, as it is now, Hollywood produces films mirroring that mood.  Hence the seemingly endless flow of black films: zombie and vampire films, horror films, films ending on a note of bleakness, and TV series characterized by fear, distrust, suffering, betrayal and the abuse of power.

There must be something wrong with me because when things are bleak, I prefer to be cheered up. I like to watch films in which good triumphs over evil.  What benefit do I get from a diet of films proving the futility of rationality and common human decency? 

So I've turned in recent months to Jacques Offenbach and been indulging in his operas: taking More...


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