The Mystery of What is Right and Good is no Mystery at All.

Warren Kinston 25. November 2012 10:00

When I was a therapist and then a consultant, I prided myself on my practicality, on being down-to-earth.  I still do.  right and good courtesy of markhillaryThis often brought me into conflict with colleagues who loved abstractions and built their work and life around playing with them.  Why shouldn't people focus on concepts?  In principle, I want people, colleagues and clients alike, to do what they think is right and best.

The question really comes down to what is right and best.  If you get that wrong, then perhaps you might find yourself in trouble.  Conceptual input means starting from ideas that are part of a theory.  Or perhaps it means applying a paradigm that is popular.  This idea-based engagement always left me uncomfortable.  Still does.

When I tried to deal with some management mess, I would typically More...


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Purpose & Value

Optimism and Using Dialectic Thinking

Warren Kinston 19. February 2012 16:00

Optimism and dialectic thinking

Life is not about what you believe, it is about what you do.  And doing thrives on optimism, with some hope as the sauce.  It chokes on pessimism marinated in cynicism and doubt.

These thoughts come from the latest posting on creativity.  The topic is still in the forefront of my mind because I am working on the two postings for March. These are about what More...


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Creativity | Nature of the Taxonomy

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