Is "Autonomy" precise enough for the Freedom to Do? Help Wanted.

Warren Kinston 29. February 2012 09:30

Autonomy and sovereigntyOne of the ideas of the website, was that the essential work of being critical of formulations and properties could be partly taken up by others—by at least a few, perhaps tens, even hundreds of others.  However, I now realize that the Internet doesn’t work that way.  Creativity, we are told again and again, depends on not criticizing ideas.  Common politeness respects personal autonomy and demands restraint—there is something in that.

But, oh dear, does that mean the evolution of ideas based on competitive battles, necessarily red in tooth and claw, must give way to consensus on the lowest common denominator of expedience, fashion or what feels good?  Not really.  It just means that I have to be my own biggest enemy.  So I am playing the role of hitman today on More...


Whitehead's Scientific Project for the "Art of Life"

Warren Kinston 26. February 2012 09:00

testYou notice something about life, the art of life, something that you think no-one has ever before identified.  But you are usually wrong.  It is very, very difficult to discover something new about human existence.

In the «better Self» work that is my current focus, I surprised myself by recognizing three codes that mankind has developed to provide optimum self and social control.  It was simple, but new for me at least.  One code deals with social existence and controlling our animal instincts, the next deals with living well in accord with what is right for each, and the third is More...


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Better Self | Great People

I can't make any sense of this puzzle.

Warren Kinston 24. February 2012 09:00

Puzzle is puzzlingHere is something maddening. A puzzle solved has created a puzzle.

I have worked out why there are so many structures with 7 levels in the Taxonomy.  That was a relief because it was the commonest criticism.  I would be accused of a love affair with 7, or just laughed at.  

However, the reason is simpler and more fascinating than love. Nor does it deserve ridicule.  It occurs because  More...


Creativity, Having Ideas and Gripping Reality.

Warren Kinston 22. February 2012 11:00


I've been correcting some minor typos today on the Taxonomy's framework for creativity, second section just posted.  I wonder if it will connect with people?  That set off musings…

The blogosphere is full of creativity at present and most of it is about getting ideas.  But ideas are easy.  Even good ideas are rather easy.  All that's required to make an idea good is for someone to call it 'good'.  Or even 'brilliant'.  Or, to be on the cutting edge of language, 'awesome'.

Being in a group is a great way to More...


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Creativity | My Investigations

Optimism and Using Dialectic Thinking

Warren Kinston 19. February 2012 16:00

Optimism and dialectic thinking

Life is not about what you believe, it is about what you do.  And doing thrives on optimism, with some hope as the sauce.  It chokes on pessimism marinated in cynicism and doubt.

These thoughts come from the latest posting on creativity.  The topic is still in the forefront of my mind because I am working on the two postings for March. These are about what More...


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Creativity | Nature of the Taxonomy

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