Getting to the Truth of Life: Nectar of Plausibility or Balm of Criticism

Warren Kinston 5. April 2012 08:00

Truth of Life

There is a saying: They beat you and they beat you and they don't even let you cry.  But why do they beat you?  One reason might be to get you to see the truth.  Picking up the truth of life is referred to as «the school of hard knocks».  

You know that our psyche is assimilated to our body … so all psychological qualities are actually physical qualities.  A person is hard, warm, brittle, bouncy, deep, &c.  In a similar way, psychologically, a truth that affects your self-esteem is experienced as a blow. 

This little story is by way of an introduction and an admission that, unlike many, I am not a perfect person.  When I described my experience of reviewing my wonderful insights as shock-horror! in that recent blog, I was not 100% honest. More...


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