Make a New Start: The Only Solution to our Over-complicated and Unfair Tax System

Warren Kinston 27. March 2012 12:00

new start tax mess  Courtesy Ivy DawnedThe tax system is over-complicated and unfair. What is the simple solution?  What is the new start that is required?

The Glass-Steagall Act associated with the Great Depression was just 37 pages long.  It did the obvious thing of separating deposit-insured banks from firms taking investment risks.  It worked fine for decades.  The repeal of this Act in the late 1990s was the trigger-cause of the global financial crisis.  It was the step too far by the political-financial elites that was 100% predictable in THEE's schema.

Without it there would still have been a crisis of government debt or some other catastrophic malfeasance intrinsic to vested-interest plutocratic pluralism, but we would not More...


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Another New Start…

Warren Kinston 31. January 2012 10:42

another new startMy New Year’s Resolution…I will try out a blog: for the website and available on the website.  It took a few weeks to get the blog set up but I'm glad this is going out before the end of January (just).

It is going to be about TOP, my Project to put THEE online.  That means it will be about THEE, the taxonomy, and my current interests, frustrations, observations, reflections &c.  I will float ideas and findings not yet quite ready for formal posting.

I will also blog about the practicalities and realities of the website.

Probably, I will blog about anything that I might want to tell you if we were chatting over a cup of coffee during my mid-morning break, or having a glass of beer at the end of a long day.

It won’t be regular as clockwork, but I expect to do something every couple of days.

This is an adventure.  I’m not sure how it will go—but that is the way of adventures.



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