Freedom to Obey or Obey to Exploit Freedom. Tricky stuff.

Warren Kinston 14. March 2012 18:00

The various frameworks within the Root of the Taxonomy are naturally and easily understandable by everyone.  They reveal and release a tremendous freedom for the human spirit.  A freedom that I do hope will be seized.

freedomSo far I have posted what must be one of the simplest accounts of transcendence that exists.  All that you require, to transcend your current existence, is the mental freedom to look around at an unsatisfactory aspect and ask yourself "Does it have to be like this?"  If you answer "No", then your imagination spontaneously gets to work and you transcend by using your three inalienable transcendental capacities: to be willing, to be purposeful and to communicate (because thinking = communicating to yourself).  You have this ability even in a gulag.  No-one can take it away from you. More...


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Disillusionment with Current Politics is the First Step to a Better Politics

Warren Kinston 2. March 2012 18:00

Politics and the peoplePolitics is a mess.  No doubt about that.

But let's put it into perspective.

The origins of politics are to be found in the early civilizations.  Politics were further developed following the dark ages in Europe, but with mainly social changes.  The essential feature at all times was rule by a King who was divine, or was there by divine right, and who could do no wrong.

This is crazy.  So politics was psychotic. But people accepted it.

Crazy rulers like that still exist.  They operate by whim and their own personal power.  They are surrounded by unproductive people: always secret police and a military.  In the past, there were also More...


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Leadership? Three cheers for being a mensch!

Warren Kinston 13. February 2012 17:11

Leadership and Followers

Google «Leadership» and you get over 500 million hits.  Google «Followership», you get under 500 thousand.  That is a thousand times more articles on leading than on following.  What's more, many of those hits on following are actually about leadership.  On my Twitter feed, I am bombarded by links to advice on being a leader and I have yet to get a single link to help with being a follower.

What is going on here?  Is the ratio in real life a thousand leaders for every single follower?  Or is it the reverse?  All the effort going into being a wonderful leader is rather pointless if you don't have a few followers.  One thousandth of one follower doesn't do much for the ego.  Is leading worth the effort?

What do we make of all this?  More...


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