I can't make any sense of this puzzle.

Warren Kinston 24. February 2012 09:00

Puzzle is puzzlingHere is something maddening. A puzzle solved has created a puzzle.

I have worked out why there are so many structures with 7 levels in the Taxonomy.  That was a relief because it was the commonest criticism.  I would be accused of a love affair with 7, or just laughed at.  

However, the reason is simpler and more fascinating than love. Nor does it deserve ridicule.  It occurs because   the Root Hierarchy has 7 levels: see post in Hub (Item MTC-#002). The Root Hierarchy somehow ‘projects’ itself in different ways into the various structures: re-ordering itself every time.  

I discovered this by pure chance about two years ago in relation Political Life as discovered in the Structural Hierarchy.  I confirmed it was general with some difficulty.  I then looked and found it in the Typology/Spiral frameworks rather easily: I think I had often half-noticed it there and just ignored it. I half-found a projection in the Q-hierarchies some years ago, but the order was unconvincing and meaningless. About 6 months ago, I had a breakthrough and in a spectacular 30 minutes re-ordered the previous conjectured projection. This new arrangement is elegant and immensely satisfying.  

For fans of models, see more about various structural forms here.

If you are already expert, you will recognize that there is only one major structure left: the Primary Hierarchy.  A Root projection seemed difficult to imagine and I couldn’t see how to work it out.  Yesterday I found a file that is a few months old and it shows the Root projection into the Primary Hierarchies.  The order is very satisfying.  It seems to be about ensuring proper development as an individual human being—as distinct from being an animal, I suppose.  BTW I am pretty sure that animals operate levels in primary hierarchies: but perhaps not all of them or not in the same way as we do.

But I don’t know how I discovered that projection and I can’t make much sense out of what I posted as MTC-#007.  I’ll have to put time aside to submerge myself into my confusion of computer files, or perhaps try to re-discover from scratch.  




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