How to Release Frameworks for the Best User Experience

Warren Kinston 10. February 2012 16:48

One of my continuing dilemmas is when to post material and how much at any one time.

I have been unhappy to post frameworks until I feel that they are correct and reasonably complete. This means that by the time I am scientifically satisfied that there is sufficient internal structural validation and that both the primary framework and its derived frameworks are mostly correct - well, by this time there is one hell of a lot of material.

So my question is: would people prefer me to post  a small amount at any one time? Or would you prefer for me to post big chunks (as I do now) and leave it to you to browse and select whatever interests you?

Creativity is the current case in point. I worked on it to help me get confidence and conviction about Personal Endeavour from which it is derived. Personal Endeavour was also structurally checked via the Root Typology (Primal Quests) that emerges from Purpose (Level-6). 

Once Personal Endeavour was posted, I went full steam ahead on Creativity. This is a Structural Hierarchy — which means a big and complicated framework. And it also forms a Tree.

So, was I right last week to post the whole structural hierarchy in one go?  Or is that just too much material?  I could have divided it into two parts, or even posted Grouping by Grouping i.e. in about 7 or 8 sections of 1-3 topics each. Such incremental posting might encourage independent reflection of what is yet to come, and permit more discussion.

Current Question: The Review of the Components of Creativity has two sections, one that is about creativity issues (~8 topics) and one about how organizations affect employee creativity (~6 topics). I intend to post these as one set next Friday. But should I divide them into two sets: posted a week or so apart?

The next major framework of this set will be the Dynamics of Creativity. Currently it is planned for posting in two parts. Posting #1 will explain the dualities and all the Centres and Channels in the Tree. Posting #2 will review the picture and provide applications, mainly to relationships.

If you have any views about this, let me know.

I'm still learning.



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