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Strengthening the Organisation of Work

Putting Methods in Context

The context for using a method to manage any particular work situation is the organisation of work as a whole—whether or not there is a formally structured organization as such.

The multiplicity of methods in use forms the context within which any specific method is used. Although methods have inherent incompatibilities and people have marked preferences, each method has values that are acceptable for those who want to get the work done.

Organising the management of work can be understood by appreciating how the values of the various methods cumulate progressively in response to complexity of a work challenge.

Cumulation occurs in accord with an intuitive logic that generates a THEE Spiral. Its name is the Spiral for Strengthening the Organisation of Work (PH'5QH2C).

As usual, moving through the Stages involves a cumulation of managing abilities. Each Stage reflects a continuous demand for the values of a method, and no management values, once incorporated, are ever given up.

Starting Point

With a minimal work challenge, complexity is minimal and the work output is correspondingly undemanding. There is almost nothing to be organised and no methods to handle. So the starting point for any organisation of work is the prescription of simple necessary outputs.

This Stage is located in the upper part of the ellipse in the lower right quadrant of the TET.

Work that starts as needing simple outputs, can become complex if quantities and qualities change. As complexity increases, additional management methods are required. These emerge in Stages in a natural orderly way in two Cycles.

Cycle-1 is about reaching a point at which the work organisation has its own intrinsic coherence and self-control, and can therefore generate substantial achievements. Cycle-2 is about handling the social environment and expanding influence still further.

Originally posted: 17-Jan-2014

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