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THEE as a Tool in the Cosmic Struggle

A Philosophy for Living

THEE is a taxonomy, and as such is unfitted to be a philosophy of life as it stands. However, it does seem that the Root Complex has generated something closely related, and the rest of the Taxonomy has implication for what constitutes a good life.

If social arrangements are developed so as to accord with the elements of human nature, then that would certainly reflect a profound shift in current thinking. People would certainly articulate that shift in terms of a philosophy.

It is not meaningful to ask for evidence in the sense of proof of validity. A philosophy for living is judged intuitively and emotionally in terms of its fit to a person's sense of themselves and their current society.

A Personal Note

It seems that my development of THEE may have been guided by following the Primal Injunctions, spontaneously and largely unawares. On reflection, I can see that on those occasions when Injunctions were violated, my progress slowed markedly or ceased; or my ideas went wildly off course. Much of this should be evident in the public pages explaining the TOP website and in the introductions to the various sets of Frameworks.

The First Awareness

The first awareness has to be that a systematic awareness of what is right and good is actually possible. You must be aware that this awareness is non-ideological, and while it highlights your responsibilities (as a human being), it does not constrain your freedom one whit. Just the reverse: it demands you celebrate and exercise your freedom.

If you are unaware of what is right or if you accept life fatalistically, and cannot discriminate between good and bad, then no evil tendencies are involved. You are like a child, or perhaps Neolithic man.

If, however, you become aware and then deliberately ignore or fail to follow, or even perversely oppose, taxonomic truths, you are experiencing evil tendencies and likely to release harm.

Your Personal Instrument

THEE is a representation of the power within you that keeps you on the right track. Access it and use it—simply by being open, aware, positive and responsible.

Seek out and become aware of Frameworks that make sense to you. Do not believe anything just because it is on this website. Reflect and discuss with others. Help discover mistakes. Refine what you read, and you will refine yourself.

These Frameworks deal with the impersonal realities of human nature in the psychosocial realm. First, they aim to assist you to identify your identity and to understand the source of your personal (i.e. egocentric) views and preferences. Then they demand that you perceive a far wider picture and accept perspectives flowing from human identities that seem alien and even wrong.

At all times, as you learn and grow your psychosocial world, you must keep yourself centred and grounded.

Balancing principles is difficult; and making mistakes is part of life. But deliberately omitting or misusing a taxonomic entity is to function in a way that is not as good as it could be in human terms. Whether harm to others is obvious, or indirect and indefinite, that choice meets the definition of evil.

THEE Frameworks are constructed to foster your better Self. Use relevant ideas and allow them to be an unforgettable part of your personal principles.

Originally posted: 31-Aug-2013

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