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Spirituality in the Taxonomy

TOP Note:Closed This topic draws on provisional findings, some of which are examined in the TOP Studio: Architecture Room.

L7 Phenomenon

Spirituality is implicit within each Level of the Root Hierarchy. Each of these Levels emanates a Primary Hierarchy
Closedsee image.

… and the 7th Level of each Primary Hierarchy is self-evidently spiritual in nature. (It is not uncommon to regard Willingness-RL7 as intrinsically spiritual also.) Only PH5-Communication has been posted so far, but here is the current position for all:

Primary Hierarchy Level-7
RL7 PH7: Willingness Trust
RL6 PH6: Purpose  Ultimate value
RL5 PH5: Communication Openness
RL4 PH4: Experience Imagination
RL3 PH3: Change Transformation
RL2 PH2: Inquiry Wonder
RL1 PH1: Action Spontaneity

Any 7th Level of a Primary Hierarchy has the potential to influence all lower Levels, although only the 6th & 4th Levels are directly influenced: see Trees for more detail. In practice, we can activate these two powerful Levels (L6, L4) without giving much attention to Level-7.

Many other aspects of human identity and social activity derive from the numerous 7 Level structures deriving from each Primary Hierarchy. The influence of the spiritual 7th Level is further attenuated in these structures. This attenuation is manageable, but only through activation of the Taxonomy's Root Complex.

Root Complex Phenomenon

Spirituality plays a significant role in the Frameworks developed within this Satellite. Quite apart from its presence as a Primal Quest (RH'L7), it plays a role in the Planes of Existence where it generates a Divine Oneness which then permeates all other Planes. The universal truths, Primal Injunctions, that can be combined to produce goodness, are usually perceived as spiritual. This is because they seem to capture goodness and because they serve as vehicles for ultimate values that definitely are spiritual (as explained above).
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Primary Hierarchies & Principal Typologies

The following points are made on a provisional basis. Supporting evidence will be posted in due course.

PH1: Action & Decision do not appear to have special spirituality associations

PH2: Inquiry & Testing do not appear to have special spirituality associations.

PH3: Change & Representation are still being investigated but some association seems likely.

PH4: Experience & Identification have a definite link because spirituality also refers to specific complex experiences that a person can generate and many seek. Here, it is found as part of an identity state known as Transpersonal Being-PH'4L7 (see diagram). Most people stabilize their sense of self by identifying with other approaches to identity development. As a result, they are sceptical of affirmations of spirituality from people who seem a little alien. The majority are comfortable with religion downplaying spirituality and prefer it to focus on communal and relational matters.

PH5: Communication & Use of Language. The spirituality necessary for a particular society does not just happen: responsible, dedicated work is required. Work depends on making sense of reality for oneself and others i.e. constructing reality by communicating (including thinking). Such specification/construction produces different results according to the way language is used. 7 domains of responsible work within society can be identified by applying a Q-expansion, and spirituality is one of these domains. If this model is correct, work to perceive and explain spiritual realities requires formulae (L6-formal language) and images (L7-mythic language)

PH6: Purpose and Ethical Choice have a natural affinity with spirituality through the significance of right/duty and goodness/value. As shown in this diagram, the transcendentalist approach-L'7 to ethical choice and absolutes-L"7 derive from spiritual forces associated with ultimate values-L7.

PH7: Willingness and Learning are still being investigated. However, this is the emanation of RL7, so discovery of something relevant to spirituality is likely.

Originally posted: 31-Aug-2013

All posted material is part of a scientific project and should be regarded as provisional. Visitors are encouraged to think through the topics and propositions for themselves. Copyright © Warren Kinston 2009-2016.
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