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Humanity within Society

Protecting Humanity

Humanity is a Level-7 conception in THEE, being the Group that is associated with ultimate values-PH6L7. However, Level-7 elements in the Taxonomy are rarely where we mostly live—they are rather what makes living worthwhile.

We live in a particular physical-social world. The social world has always been what we make it, and that is increasingly true of our physical world as well. The goal in shaping our world has always been to ensure it is «good»—whatever that means.

For much of humanity's cultural evolution, organized religion provided the answer. Religions have been psychosocial tools, ensuring that life is perceived as worthwhile, communities cohere, and individuals function in a way deemed good. Spirituality has been the human phenomenon that founded and underpinned religions.

This balance may now be changing. Spirituality could become dominant and religion may then serve as its support. This would solve a lot of problems, and bring religion more under the control of individuals. It would also assist with peaceful coexistence by handling the differences amongst people better.

Both spirituality and religion are important, but they serve different functions, and this is evident taxonomically as explained below.

Religion & Spirituality

Religion—in the sense of organized religion, the church, theological doctrine—is a natural moral institution-PH"4L7 generated by human societies. Its manifestation accords with the nature of the society and its culture. It is distinctive, just as all the other natural moral institutions are societally distinct. When religions seek to dominate and control non-adherents, it will be because the originating culture is ideological, power-driven and views itself as superior. The spiritual essence of all great religions recognizes diversity, desires peace, spreads goodwill, and emphasizes equality and reciprocity to protect and preserve humanity.
ClosedSee religion here—in the top right cell in a THEE diagram.

Spirituality, in the sense of a sought-after experience and a specific form of awareness, is a universal property of humanity and an inextricable aspect of being human. It appears to be distributed all over the Taxonomy, and could be said to permeate THEE. A full study is not yet complete, however various taxonomic features have emerged. Although spirituality manifests essentially identically in all societies, it needs to be developed, explained and interpreted in ways that suit a particular society—that requires responsible work.

Originally posted: 31-Aug-2013

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