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Unexplored Root Frameworks

Spiral of Growth

Quest Values

Primal Quests could undergo a Spiral development just like the Principal Typologies. The Spiral is based on the TET, and the possibility of two Cycles has already been introduced by identifying inner and outer circles.

The crucial step is to differentiate between the core of each Quest (Type) that differentiates people, and the context of values that supports each Quest (Type). Those values must be acceptable for all, even if the particular Quest is disliked or unacceptable. While Quests are personal, their value-context must be emerge and be supported in the relevant community.

Each Quest potentially makes a distinctive contribution to (or impact on) communal living. Any community would surely like to have benefits that flow from the various Quests. So a trajectory of communal development would be expected to be discoverable via the Quest TET.

However, it is more difficult to specify what precisely would be growing or maturing. It is definitely not culture as commonly understood.
Why?Closed Culture is about social values and value systems as found in Purpose-PH6 frameworks. Primal Quests, by contrast, are about the purpose of our existence and our core humanity.


The communal maturation must refer to a growth in the capacity to support the pursuit of happiness and meaning. This suggests a socio-experiential state of vibrancy and vitality that makes a community a warm, stimulating, positive and gratifying place to live, work and join in constructively.

Developing this Framework will be difficult because, on the basis of the inquiry into Politics, it may be that the average community will be found wanting. If so, much imaginative input will be required.

There would likely be a Tree derived from the Spiral Order, and then a Structural Hierarchy based on its Levels, and then a further Tree using the Structural Groupings.

Imaginative inquiry is both difficult and risky. However, the gains could be great. It would take us down the track of a much deeper understanding of the features of a worthwhile communal life.

The inquiry into Politics revealed that a community-centred system—the final goal in the maturation of political institutions—is a long way off. So inquiries in the Root Complex could be relevant to small groups surviving under unpleasant conditions. Perhaps it might point to a modern day equivalent of the Benedictine Rule that emerged at the onset of the Dark Ages.


All Principal Typologies can undergo a Q-expansion leading to large numbers of additional Frameworks. Because the Root Hierarchy was discovered through its Q-expansion, it seems unlikely that the Primal Quests also have a Q-expansion. However, that cannot be definitively ruled out just now.

Originally posted: 31-Aug-2013

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