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Existence & Goodness


In examining the nested Hierarchies and Trees within RL6-Purpose, the structures and dynamics of existence have been uncovered: personal, communal, for humanity.


Goodness Depends on Freedom

The foundations of personal existence and survival appear to lie in freedom and the assertion of autonomy, not goodness—or at least not directly.

Based on these frameworks, the emergence of goodness in practice appears to depend on:

An experience of freedom commences with using the Will-R, and freedom is also the foundation (RsHG1) for creativity. Goodness emerges within Purpose-RL6 and becomes the main focus of primal injunctions, especially their elaboration as a Structural Hierarchy. See diagram below.

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Human EnergyGoodness in its purest and most abstract form is proposed here as positive energy, spiritual energy or will energy (as distinct from physical energy). This is the energy state that we sense as we go about our life. When we are full of energy we can do a lot. When we feel drained and disconsolate, we can achieve little. The effect seems to be magnified in groups. The emergence and application of this energy is subject to disruption.

Primal Values

Good and evil are a preoccupation and an illusion. We have to live with our illusions, and make the best of them.

The etymology of good does not appear to relate to the etymology of god; nor does the etymology of devil have any relation to evil.

This Framework, and indeed all the Frameworks in the Better Self series, exist within Purpose, the 6th Root Level. Looking more deeply into Purpose-RL6 reveals both identity-based values and action-based objectives in the emanated PH6 Hierarchy.
ClosedSee Table.

Purpose is one side of a three-sided coin, and its two poorly understood aspects come to the fore in these Frameworks.

1: Purpose itself—a statement indicating a future state of affairs that functions as an attractor for fulfilment or achievement.

2: Responsibility—to hold a purpose or value goes with being responsible for affirming and pursuing it—otherwise in what sense is it genuinely your purpose or value?

3: Motivation—a genuine purpose produces feelings of energy that create a sense of aliveness and drive us to take some action on its behalf.

Originally posted: 31-Aug-2013

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