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Do not believe anything just because it is on this website.

This warning is particularly relevant here because it is difficult to be fully confident in findings in this personal and rarefied part of the Taxonomy. So you must think these issues through for yourself.
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Everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler.

Many are tempted to avoid the complexity of human existence. Everything is forced to exist within just one Centre (e.g. character), or just one Group (e.g. wisdom), or reduced to one or two ultimate values (e.g. love &/or goodness). These approaches do not conflict with whatever is correct in these Frameworks. But such simplifications have a limited applicability. A comprehensive and clear map can expand understanding. It opens up distinct arenas for reflection and thought.

More Root frameworks exist to be discovered and developed.

An investigation of the Root Typology Control Frameworks is planned for 2016-17.

We create our worlds.

Communal existence is a long way away from personal existence.
Humanity's existence is an imaginative construction.


Originally posted: 31-Aug-2013

All posted material is part of a scientific project and should be regarded as provisional. Visitors are encouraged to think through the topics and propositions for themselves. Copyright © Warren Kinston 2009-2016.
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