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Guarantor & Nemesis

Ultimate Values v Ideology

Much is written about moral decadence in the West. One cause, shared by other societies, is the willing submission of people to ideologies, cultural or constructed. Ideologies and paradigms have their place and can be useful. However, because they are divisive and theoretical, they are the nemesis of goodness.
ClosedWestern History

The message from this framework is that the foundation of goodness in life, and therefore the only guarantor of our fundamental humanity, is the personal use of ultimate values-G"1B in everyday situations.

Everything in this Framework is non-ideological. Every choice can be a matter for each person to consider by looking within. Everything is rather simple: almost too simple to deserve the label «morality», whose complexity is rather to be found in social life with its customs, laws and other moral institutions.

What You Can Do

The lower three Levels are about what you can do:

G"1 with its use of ultimate values provides the essence of Free Will and reflects your Responsibility.

G"2 with its focus on finding inner strength suggests the power of the Animus or Male Principle.

G"3 with its overcoming pain and suffering suggests the necessity of the Anima or Female Principle.

Where You Stand

The upper three Levels are where you stand:

G"5 with its attainment of equanimity is fed by the Primal Quest and depends on your endeavours.

G"6 with its embrace of vitality faces up to your Fate and clarifies your limitations.

G"7 with its great dreams provides Light and opens the door to life's potentials.


Self at L-4 reflects the Hero that is You.

Your authentic self must be engaged and handled via awareness (i.e. your better Self) so that it builds a character that can take goodness in its stride. This means being responsive to motivations provided by your Quest, the time, and the light, and being open to responsibilities that come with freedom, and your male and female sides.

Originally posted: 10-Aug-2013

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