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Managing Spiritual Energies

Provision of Energies

This Framework depends on the production and use of energies, that can be labeled «spiritual» or «personal» (i.e. not physical energy). It must now be clear that excessive egotistic behaviour will weaken goodness. However, it is time to recognize that excessive altruistic activity, if uncompensated by societal support, will weaken a person through depletion of this energy.

As explained earlier and evident below, four of the Levels in this Framework are balanced. That means egotism and altruism are inherently fused in these creative life processes. Here is where a person manifests altruistic egotism or egotistic altruism: or what is commonly termed enlightened self-interest. These 4 Centres and the 3 vertical Channels joining them—applying willpower, actualizing your potentials, creating your world—provide the balanced spiritual energy for bringing goodness to life.

However, in three of the Levels (L3, L4 & L6) there is a natural division into egotistic and altruistic poles. At these bipolar Levels, there is an issue of how altruistic and egotistic processes affect each other. Some influence seems essential to ensure that spiritual energies are neither depleted nor used inappropriately.

Providing Energies Protecting Energies

Protection of Energies

R"G6A-Offer Yourself Prove Yourself-R"G6E

If I offer myself to others' purposes, I am in danger of losing myself or any sense of my unique talents and specific capabilities. My path in life will end up being charted by others. That is unsatisfactory as it will never enable me to function at my best. In effect, I would soon become an instrument of another or of society and that is exhausting and ultimately debilitating. Such instrumental functioning properly belongs to the Practical Plane. If I am willingly using this Framework, then I am surely determined to function mindfully on the Psychological Plane. To do so, it is essential that I sustain my identity and continue to discover and develop my own nature through personally selecting appropriate foci for both my activity and receptivity (R"G6).

The Channel R"G6A R"G6E is named: Sustain Identity.

R"G5A-Radiate Serenity Find Personal Contentment-R"G6E

Contentment allows for a general positivity and so supports serenity. So I do need to maintain a degree of personal contentment for much of the time. However, radiation of serenity also fosters contentment and is inherently positive and self-reinforcing due to the reflection from others who benefit and respond. So these two Centres interact in a mutually supportive way to sustain a positive outlook and, more than that, a faith in the goodness of life. If circumstances lead to contentment and serenity not reinforcing each other—most likely due to a breakdown in compassion or wisdom—then that faith can become seriously impaired.

The Channel R"G5A R"G5E is named: Renew Faith.

R"G3E-Handle Personal Pain Feel Others' Suffering-R"G3A

Coping with life is about keeping distress at a manageable level. Being aware that others are in pain helps me tolerate my own pain and may take my mind off my own suffering. When I find a way to handle my own distress, I become more open and capable of empathizing with others and feeling their pain. So there is a beneficial influence between these Centres which helps me bounce back from stress or adversity, and function effectively again.

So the Channel R"G3E R"G3A is named: Bolster Resilience.

Release of Energies

While the 3 vertical Channels provide energies and the 3 horizontal Channels protect energies, 14 of the remaining Channels release energies.

The diagrams below show differences between releasing (spiritual) energy via egotistic Centres and via altruistic Centres. It is evident from this that the egocentrically-biased Channels strengthen the self in ways that preserve the capacity for goodness. The altruistically-biased Channels serve others and discharge goodness.

Releasing Energies to Strengthen Self
(i.e. capacity for goodness)
Releasing Energies to Serve Others
(i.e. use of goodness)

Application of Energies

There are two more Channels that also link egotistic and altruistic Centres.

The Framework is divided into an upper half where the energies are associated with motivation, and a lower half where the energies are associated with responsibility. In any situation, both motivation and responsibility must be brought to bear. A form of handling is required that can bypass building character. Attaining equanimity-RG"5 had creative as the qualifier, and this connection seems to be about using creativity in the service of goodness.

Sociopaths can be creative becauseClosed creativity is not a function of character-RG"4 but rather of will, purpose and courage (RsH).

On the right-side of the Tree where altruism at L5 connects to egotism at L3, the interaction supports a rise above the situation. This would facilitate and protect creative engagement, ensuring that goodness is kept in mind and pain-induced selfishness is kept at bay.

On the left-side of the Tree where egotism at L5 connects to altruism at L3, the interaction supports immersion in the situation. This has been identified as a natural requirement for creative resolution.

Division of the Framework Creativity is independent of Character

Originally posted: 10-Aug-2013

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