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You are The One

Your Anchor in Life

Tolstoy noted:Closed Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no-one thinks of changing himself.

Let's prove Tolstoy wrong. You must be the change that you want to see in the world, as Gandhi proposed. So you will agree with Kant when he suggests that the best rules for you to follow are those that you would want everybody else to follow.

The change you want to see is specified by your great dreams-R"G7
if you must be it, this means building your character-R"G4.

Recall that building character involves valuing your unique talents, engaging in your unique life adventures, as well as being fully present and maintaining integrity.

If you want to develop and sustain your dreams, to build your character, and to ensure that your character supports your dreams and your dreams mould your character, then you must create your psychosocial world accordingly.

So this Channel R"G7B R"G4B is named: Create Your World.

Your Psychosocial World & Others'

Everyone has a psychosocial world, but in that regard we are not different from dogs or other social animals. Having a psychosocial world is not the same as creating a psychosocial world. Those who actively create their psychosocial world influence those who more passively possess and use a psychosocial world that their biology &/or culture provides for them.

Creating is a challenge. It requires Will-R and involves endeavours-RH. But creating your world is not just any challenge, it is the greatest challenge that life can pose.

Using your authenticity to create a world in accord with your dreams is the anchor in the Framework for bringing goodness to life. Without being creative, it is impossible for any Centre to be properly activated or for any other Channel to be effectively and appropriately applied.

By actively creating a psychosocial world, you immediately find yourself amongst others with their different psychosocial worlds. They may or may not have put effort into producing goodness. In any case, the sheer variety and differences of these worlds (and sometimes their contents) challenge your ego.

The Injunction to See Unity comes to mind with its associated precepts like the «golden rule» and the categorical imperatives (as developed in that Tree) to value diversity and allow coexistence.

Originally posted: 26-Jul-2013

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