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Bringing Goodness to Life

Everyday Goodness

A «better world» is a life infused with goodness. This goes way beyond good deeds. Goodness is a name for spiritual energy that it is assumed we may generate, whether or not we are aware of it at the time.

Goodness is brought to life, or into life, through using the various means for producing goodness in the structural hierarchy just described. The present final framework in this series deals with how the components in that framework interact with each other positively.

When it comes to «bringing goodness to life», you are focusing on the spiritual condition of your own psychosocial world, not wider society. This world of yours is the only «world» you should expect to make better, even if wider ramifications are possible.
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As usual, dynamic interaction is mapped via a Tree structure. The Structural Hierarchy turned on its side (see diagram) shows the Levels to be examined.

In formulae:Closed The Levels will be labelled G"- rather than L"- as a reminder that these Levels were originally Groupings in a Structural Hierarchy.

Organizing this Inquiry

Everything here is purposive. A deep level of creativity seems to be necessary in accord with the original explanation of transcendence in terms of: "it doesn't have to be like this". As explained,

Bringing goodness to life in this way is a dynamic process, with an inherent and unavoidable polarizing tension. Gaining clarity about this polarity, called in THEE the dynamic duality, provides the basis for investigation. These steps are not a temporal sequence but a natural ordering of psychosocial requirements to help exposition:

Step-1: I must create a world that binds me to my great dream.

Step-2: I must coexist with others while ensuring my world persists.

Step-3: I must make goodness a criterion for my choices and activities.

Step-4: I must protect my energies and actively prevent their depletion.

THEE Note:Closed The shape of this exposition follows the schema used for a better communal existence, the Root Tertiary Hierarchy Tree.

Originally posted: 5-Jul-2013

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