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Focus for Affirmation

Self or Goodness

Goodness, like all values, is created by an act of will. Values enter existence like everything else: through communication. (Review Root basics.) In regard to producing goodness, that means affirmation. Many people are dedicated to encouraging, exhorting, persuading and explaining goodness as part of their work or profession. Your family and close friends also play an informal supportive role, mirroring your affirmations.

Example—Henry Ward Beecher exhorts:Closed  "Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself—and be lenient to everybody else."

Some make excessive or untestable promises of rewards, but goodness is its own reward. So, if you are looking for an external reward, then you have lost the plot.

Producing goodness is enabled by every Grouping in this Root structure, but the odd- and even-numbered Groupings show a marked difference. (This is called in THEE an «oscillating duality».)

Affirm Goodness

Affirming goodness is about handling difficult situations.

G"1: The usual scenario in using ultimate values is as a response to an outer event—my endeavour, an injustice, a person in trouble, a life challenge. I then deliberately affirm what's good as part of handling that external situation.

G"3: There is typically some personal hurt or social disruption that provokes active use of healing techniques. These techniques all require an affirmation that goodness exists and must be valued and realized.


G"5: Empathy is used in social situations where there are difficult issues, often with destructive tendencies in play. I sustain my equanimity by drawing on compassion, wisdom and cooperativeness and acting accordingly.

G"7Goodwill based on a great dream emerges from a core of pure motives. It becomes my way to engage with the outside world.

Affirm Self

Affirming myself is about attending to my internal state in regard to life generally.

G"2: Inner strength, a resource for handling situations, is produced by the mantras of self-control. All six mantras are communications that are focused inwards so as to transform experience.

G"4Character refers to a continuity in handling situations that is based in authenticity. I have to look inwards to develop integrity, presence, talents, and heroism.

G"6Vitality is an experience of life that depends on a sustained intensification of attention inwards. The intensification of consciousness allows for handling situations either in an active or in a receptive manner.

Originally posted: 7-Jun-2013

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