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Goodness and Adversity

Progressive Handling

As explained, the Framework appears to be characterized by a focus on responsibility in the lower three Groupings and the provision of motivation in the higher three Groupings. This is integrated in building character at R"G4.

The Table reveals in more detail the way that the production of goodness is progressively handled. Read the functions through from top to bottom.

G Existential Goal Existential Method Function for Goodness Internal Duality
R"G1 Use Ultimate Values via Vehicles of
To provide the means for consciously creating goodness. Personal Responsibility
R"G2 Find Strength via Mantras of
To stabilize contact with goodness in the face of egocentric temptations. Communal Responsibility
R"G3 Overcome Pain via Techniques of Healing To repair the inevitable disruptions to goodness in human existence. Humane Responsibility
R"G4 Build Character via Theatres of Authenticity To incorporate goodness into
the personality operative in everyday life.
Integration of Responsibility
& Motivation
R"G5 Attain Equanimity via Carriers of
To sustain a state of goodness despite surrounding dysfunction and destructiveness. Personal Motivation
R"G6 Embrace Vitality via Sources of Experience To sustain and renew goodness in social arenas. Communal Motivation
R"G7 Entertain
Great Dreams
via Purity of
To sustain a vision of goodness capable of unifying humanity. Humane Motivation

Handling Adversity

Goodness is problematic in response to stresses and adversity because egocentric fears for personal survival naturally arise. Each Grouping provides a different contribution in this regard.

Autonomy & Responsibility

The details of how our autonomy and responsibility must work together, guided by awareness has become more evident from the two great Structural Hierarchies found in the Root.

Autonomy relates to creative action. The Creativity Framework-RsH is derived from the Levels of Endeavour-RH which serve as vehicles for Freedom-Autonomy (RG1 Monads).

Responsibility relates to human goodness. This Goodness Framework-RsH" is derived from the Primal Injunctions-RH" which serve as vehicles for Values-Responsibility-Goodness (R"G1 Monads).

Originally posted: 7-Jun-2013

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