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Life's Possibility

Thinking about the production of goodness has taken us on a voyage of hope and possibility for mankind. Built on great dreams, continually rooted in enjoyment, centred on helpfulness, and challenging our creativity to the utmost, it offers us a dazzling arena for choosing how to live.

Recall that this Goodness Framework does not itself specify any endeavour as such. Goodness is delivered through any and all endeavours. Built on the Triad of autonomy, responsibility and awareness, the process is one of continuing energy, awakening, connection and service.

Combining all adjacent Vehicles of Goodness, systematically in all possible ways, leads to a THEE Structural Hierarchy. Review it quickly in this Story dropdown and see a diagrammatic result of the inquiry below.

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Many of the THEE-names used above have a variety of meanings in everyday use, so confusion is possible. The internal structures were essential to clarify these entities—but they may need refinement or correction. Were the entities formulated in this way illuminating and helpful for you? Give Feedback or make your Comments below.

The cumulative nature of these components is also evident from the qualities of the internal levels (g1 to g7). The choice of qualifiers of each Level is provisional: you can review their validity.
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Further Reflections

Originally posted: 24-May-2013

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