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Entertain Great Dreams: RsH"-G7

Greatness in All

Every single person is capable of great things in relation to others. This stems from a deep and simple humane motivation to live with others in a good world that is so different from what we see around us. It's a dream, a great dream. This dream is about having a personal vision of a good world and believing that any goodness that comes into the world can start as easily from you as from anyone else. Indeed it must start from you or why should it start from anyone else?

Entertaining great dreams emerges by adding the 7th final and highest Vehicle of Goodness, unification-R"G17, to generate the single Heptad. This Heptad unifies the 7 vehicles, so it completes the Framework.

The function of entertaining great dreams is to sustain a vision of goodness capable of unifying humanity. Mankind needs and deserves such visions. As an example, watch this speech from the end of Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator, and imagine what it would be like to be left unmoved.

I propose the additional quality associated with the 7th vehicle is expectancy. Expectation is a form of gentle intrapersonal and interpersonal pressure that permits and facilitates. There is no guarantee of a world where goodness prevails, but you must be expectant, both in regard to yourself and in regard to others.

The only general expectation that is possible of every single person is an infusion of goodwill into all interactions and activities. This, in turn, is dependent on a motivation that is pure and unsullied. Such a motivation towards goodness exists innately within each of us and remains available lifelong as a core of purity. It need never be spoiled or destroyed. But it can suffer through neglect or by—it's almost too awful to think about—a deliberate contempt for goodness.

Infusing Goodwill: R"G71

As in the Pentads and Hexads, infusing goodwill-G71 is best explained through its Internal Structure.

g7Infusing goodwill requires expectant unification-R"G17with the psychosocial reality of others: above all, their primal values. Not only do you expect to unify with each and all, you must expect them to unify with you. If your great dream is good, then they will.
g6Infusing goodwill requires a wholehearted submission-R"G16 to psychosocial realities as they are. It is impossible to produce goodness by coercing change through wielding power and control. Reality is as it is. So submission of your will to situations can create a foundation and potential for good to emerge all round.
g5Infusing goodwill requires creative exertion-R"G15. As noted in being cooperative and being active, most exertion is part of our work, which should itself be intrinsically creative. This double injection of creativity suggests or perhaps confirms that the infusion of goodwill often poses challenges.
g4: Infusing goodwill requires thoughtful helpfulness-R"G14 for others in a way that is appropriate to them and accords with the situation.
g3: Infusing goodwill requires spontaneous knowing-R"G13 which will depend on past experiences that provide a direct point of reference.
g2: Infusing goodwill requires conscientious aspirations-R"G12 for goodness. This means sustaining a continuing awareness of yourself and your interactions, especially to restrain inappropriate egotistic or power-based tendencies.
g1: Infusing goodwill requires necessary enjoyment-R"G11 as you proceed.

It is your goodwill and the great dreams originating in pure motives that provide the logic for exploiting human freedom via humanity's Vehicles of Goodness: the R"G1 Monads. This brings us full circle.

Originally posted: 24-May-2013

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