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The Revelation of Character

The Four Theatres

No aspect of character is given, obvious or amenable to simple practice. Just as the self needs to be discovered and actualized over time, so each component of character building needs active inquiry and reflection in situations that call for it.

The term, «character», suggests the theatre, and often implies goodness. (If that implication is inappropriate, then the reference is expanded to «lack of character» or «bad character».) This Framework proposes that you discover yourself as you are tested in four theatres. At the same time, the quality of your character is revealed to others. In this way, our lives become public spectacles.

The function and focus of each theatre of authenticity are presented below, and examined in more detail in the next topic.

Maintain Integrity: R"G44

The function of integrity is to be true to your better self at critical moments.
The focus is on choice and congruence.
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Be Present: R"G43

The function of presence is to manifest your self distinctively in any situation.
The focus is on attention and voice.
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Value Talents: R"G42

The function of valuing your talent is to ensure cultivation of your self's natural abilities.
The focus is on distinction and uniqueness.
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Be a Hero: R"G41

The function of heroism is to take up worthy and suitable challenges that present themselves.
The focus is on challenge and adventure.
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Originally posted: 10-May-2013

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