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Mantras of Self-control

Engaging Spheres of Your Self

Finding inner strength is needed to produce goodness in your world-as-it-is rather than as you might like it to be. However strong you are, you do not know the strength that resides within until you are tested. At that moment, if you are to maintain control of your self and your egocentricity, you need the relevant mantra.

The various mantras deal with different spheres of reality that correspond to your personal uniqueness The dyadic internal structure of each mantra is shown and explained below with other features: 

Strength v Egotism

Accept Reality-R"G26

Reality, most broadly conceived, is always generated, sustained or created by another person, group, social forces, customs &c. over which you have no control and often minimal understanding. The greatest difficulty is with aspects of reality seemingly unacceptable for you. «Accepting the unacceptable» poses the ever-present contrast between personal desires and comforting illusions on the one hand and impersonal reality that knows nothing of you on the other. In the large scheme of things, you must go with the flow, and that means thinking correctly about reality. As they say: It is what it is!

Note: It's a mantra not a rule or instruction, soClosed defy the gods. Now and then a person is trapped in a room with no doors or windows: there may be no option other than to just walk through the wall.

Staying the Course-R"G25

Commitments of any sort are serious matters. Children know how important a promise is—but parents, politicians and others trafficking in power often don't. Contracts, vows and similar articulations of commitment are the basis of trustworthiness, ordering the future so as to create dependability and reliability insofar as is humanly possible. Oaths implicitly evoke a divine agency as a guarantor of personal integrity in regard to the matter. However, breaking promises is so tempting and common that a Hebrew proverb advises: Promise little and do much. Also see false promises in Features.

Note: It's a mantra not a rule or instruction, soClosed cut and run might make more sense if you have been tricked or been misled and find yourself seriously out of your depth.

Be of Service-R"G24

In relationships, service is more than just helpfulness. It is striving to the utmost to be useful, and that means effort or work. There is effort to be sensitive to needs and to respond creatively. The marketing notion of «customer delight» or «going the extra mile» comes from anticipating and meeting needs that the receiver does not envisage being a concern of the provider. Heartfelt service that benefits another is simply more than money can buy.

Note: It's a mantra not a rule or instruction, soClosed disengage if you have become enmeshed in a barren or mutually destructive relationship.

Give an Account-R"G23

Giving an account to another is fraught with hazards. Sometimes there is an issue of whether it is actually desired. A better phrasing might be «offer» rather than «give». Because of the requirement to be helpful, great care is needed in deciding what to say, how to say it, and in removing inappropriate biases. The recipient's responsibility and self-esteem require protection, and third parties might be affected as well.

Note: It's a mantra not a rule or instruction, soClosed be ambiguous if you have to for reasons of politeness or discretion.

Reach the Truth-R"G22

The truth is not simply the facts, it is also the meaning of the facts to you and others. Once sufficient clarity is achieved, the truth becomes a belief. Discovering facts and meanings is not easy, and may be impossible sometimes. Consciously investigating the truth means refusing to surrender to conventional wisdom, face-saving falsehoods, superficial deceptions and expedient hypocrisies that are usual in social groups. (This mantra differs from the usual moral focus which takes knowledge of the truth for granted, and then emphasizes virtues like honesty and truthfulness.)

Note: It's a mantra not a rule or instruction, soClosed accept ignorance about many matters: you just don't have the time or ability to know everything.

Do What You Love-R"G21

Each person experiences enjoyment in their own way, and that applies to «doing» as much as to anything else. So the first requirement is to know yourself and be clear what it is that you can do that you like doing, and what you naturally enjoy thinking about and talking about.

Note: It's a mantra not a rule or instruction, soClosed you will have to do what's called for in many personal and social situations.

ClosedSummary Matrix

Originally posted: 13-Apr-2013

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