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Become Strong by Talking to Yourself

What is a Mantra?

Mantras are communications to yourself. As usually understood, a mantra is a sound, word, phrase or sentence that is considered capable of creating a transformation if continually repeated. Mantras may be repeated silently and internally, spoken out loud, or written down.

Because communication is what creates psychosocial reality, mantras can keep you on track to create (or even transform) yourself. The 6 self-control mantras have the feel of truisms that seem deceptively easy to adopt.

The essence of any mantra is defined by the experience it creates in the user. In the present case, the experience to be created is strength. However, these mantras of self-control cannot be repeated mindlessly to produce their effect. They must be used via the vehicles of goodness.

Mantras are expected to quieten the mind. In the present context, the quietening is focused on event-related, intrusive egocentric impulses that are psychologically and socially harmful.

Communicative Features of the Mantras

As well as mantras being communications to yourself, they activate communication more generally. It is apparent that each mantra results in a distinctive form of communication within a relevant social interaction.

Accept Reality-R"G26

To accept reality, you must make descriptions of the unavoidable, unpalatable or strange blockage or deviation that interferes with your hopes and expectations. That description becomes the basis for unifying with the relevant aspects of the situation, and moving forward.
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Staying the Course-R"G25

Commitments are commonly bolstered by communicating them. Verbal promises, swearing of oaths, making of vows are common methods to increase intensity. Signing compacts or contracts is a modern-day equivalentThe essence should be captured in a few sentences and not vitiated by the small print. The practice of making contracts so complicated and full of legalese may weaken commitment, because the communication is incomprehensible and loses all meaning.. The mantra can also take the simpler form of writing down your plan and regularly referring to it e.g. one insightful system recommends daily repetition: saying your goal out loud and writing it down every day.
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Be of Service-R"G24

In being of service, it is necessary to avoid exploitation or disappointment or the relationship can quickly go awry. So verbal statements or specifications are required which indicate the rationale and the limits to what will be done. These terms of reference might be written down.
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Give an Account-R"G23

Giving an account is rather obviously about communicating. But here the communication is about forming understandings, making interpretations and creating explanations—and then weaving them together coherently in narrative form.
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Reach the Truth-R"G22

In reaching the truth, it is necessary to state factual evidence, to define concepts, to make discriminations, to give names to things previously unnoticed or confused, to specify assumptions, to propose new perspectives. Finally, there is a need to explicitly formulate the truth so that it can be checked, affirmed and used.
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Do What You Love-R"G21

In loving what you do, you are naturally preoccupied with issues, details and problems. These fill your mind and, ideally, are part of working. Part of doing what you love is enjoying talking about it, especially sharing plans and ideas with others who are genuinely interested. Probably the most enjoyable part is recounting your progress and tangible achievements.
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Originally posted: 13-Apr-2013

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