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Vehicles of Goodness (Spiritual Energy)

Colour Convention ClosedUltimate values are universally-sought experiential states. Examples of ultimate values will be in green e.g. peace. Goodness (in orange) refers either to spiritual energy or to a conception of what humans most desire in spiritual terms. Goodness (in green) refers to a specific ultimate value. Terms in purple refer to Channels in the Framework-Tree of Intentionality.

Using the Primal Injunctions

Ultimate values-L7 are often optional, unlike more concrete values (e.g. priorities-L3). However, you can always use your freedom and exercise humanity's option to produce goodness—that is what this framework is about.

As just explained, the presence of spiritual energy is experienced as goodness entering our everyday life and projects. That goodness is produced by applying ultimate values to our situations. In order to do so, we use Vehicles for Goodness-R"G1 derived directly from the Primal Injunctions. These are formally the Monads-R"G1 in the Structural Hierarchy-RsH".

ClosedWhat about badness?

Primal Injunction → Vehicle of Goodness

Primal Injunctions are adjusted here, one by one, to serve a role as special vehicles that can carry the energies of goodness following activation of ultimate values.

Primal Injunctions emerge from willing obedience in the service of goodness. The rules do not have an «opposite» as such: they are followed or ignored. By contrast, production of goodness emerges from our freedom in regard to choosing values and there is an «opposite». You are free to choose positive ultimate values like peace and kindness or to apply negative ones like revenge and hatred. The vehicles are themselves neutral in that regard. Only positive-good values are used in the examples offered for each vehicle, because that is the present concern.

ClosedVehicles as «Existential Virtues»

R"L1-See Unity → Unification-R"G17

When you put spiritual energy into seeing unity-R"L7, you have the possibility to make unity happen. Unification-R"G17 may apply in many situations, but especially where you find yourself in unhelpful conflict.

So: Unification is a natural vehicle for applying ultimate values like beauty, which could stop you seeing yourself as clean-pure and others as ugly-dirty; or patience, which can be essential for resolving disputes and enabling coexistence between groups.
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R"L6-Heed What's Right → Submission-R"G16

When you put spiritual energy into heeding what's right-R"L6, you make it possible to submit yourself to matters outside your control and personal desires. Submission-R"G16 is a function of our necessary existence within social groups. It also arises whenever you confront what is «absolutely desirable»: as will be specified later in this framework.

So:  Applying peace will inhibit being opinionated and dogmatic or rushing to negative criticism of expedient choices. Applying hope will inhibit pessimistic reactions to objectively bad and unavoidable social situations.
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You might also recognize submissionClosed as the only response to the inevitable, the irresistible or the unchangeable—qualities that characterize nature and society as well as specific persons you come across. However, this is a compound notion dealing with «accepting reality».
Submission often confuses people ► more clarification.

R"L5-Do Your Best → Exertion-R"G15

When you put spiritual energy into doing your best-R"L5, you make it possible to add something extra that is not specifically called for by the immediate situation. This means exertion-R"G15.

So:  It might involve applying ultimate values like fairness or delight and doing things, often small or subsidiary to your main goals, in accord with these. Exertion could be called «work», but in the special sense of «putting in effort», not in reference to doing a job.
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R"L4-Care about Others → Helpfulness-R"G14

When you put spiritual energy into caring about others-R"L4, you have the possibility of using a relationship to make a difference for that person. This is experienced as helpfulness-R"G14.

So:  Applying an ultimate value like freedom in a relationship will be helpful if it means that the other's uniqueness is appreciated and any hint of domination is avoided; while applying strength reduces or removes your fears of being exploited or manipulated in helpful interactions.
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R"L3-Become Aware → Knowing-R"G13

When you put spiritual energy into becoming aware-R"L3, you have the possibility to intuitively understand a situation, and also imagine what is needed for a deeper understanding. This means knowing-R"G13 with a degree of conviction that enables committed action.

So:  Applying humor to understanding allows contradictions and ignorance to emerge. Applying simplicity to knowing can help avoid the foolishness of egocentric pedantry and excessive complexity—it probably led to Occam creating his Razor.
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R"L2-Hold Ideals → Aspiration-R"G12

Holding ideals-R"L2 is an unusual Injunction because ideals already include ultimate values.

In THEE, idealsClosed have the formula sPH6-G35 showing that they are the highest Triad within the frameworkThis material is written up in Ch.10 of Working with Values (1995). for realizing values in society. The base level is social values-L5 chosen to be appropriate (g1), then there are value systems-L6 chosen for strategic impact (g2), and finally, at the top, ultimate values-L7 that are political (g3).

Vehicles for goodness differ from ideals in that they are not about adapting to society or its politics. Aspirations are like ideals in being directed towards better conditions, but when you put spiritual energy into holding ideals-R"L2, you generate the possibility to seek genuine and universal goodness, which is humanity's highest aspiration-R"G12.

So:  Applying humility via aspirations will ensure arrogance is kept in check; while applying kindness via aspirations can maintain sensitivity to social disruption by seemingly desirable community projects.
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R"L1-Get Enjoyment → Enjoyment-R"G11

When you put spiritual energy into getting enjoyment-R"L1, you have the possibility to experience joy in almost every situation. Don't wait for the storm to pass: dance in the rain! Enjoying-R"G11 means fully allowing, seeking, generating, activating and savouring pleasure in situations, big and small.

So:  If the ultimate value being applied is wisdom, then you will enjoy learning from situations of every sort; if it is humour, then life's endless mishaps and irritations will appear as a cosmic joke.
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Originally posted: 29-Mar-2013

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