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Purity of Motive: RsH"-G7

How Goodwill Functions

Tree showing Centres and Channels for managing an organization of any size.

Goodness must flow from the energies of the Will-R that are originally good or made to be good. We have a term for this: goodwill.

This is how I believe it functions.

The Will-R is assumed to have psychosocial energies needed to power all endeavours-RH, as shown at right. In this structure, Purpose-RL6 plays a major part, directing and structuring the endeavour. (Review endeavour-RH.)

Purpose also appears to channel and release the will-energies for the endeavour. This is an observation: we find aimlessness enervating, while having a genuine purpose (or value) is energizing.

Will-energy is held within Purpose-RL6 but it often does not appear to us in a simple form. This Level, like all Root Levels, emanates its own more detailed 7-Level structure containing objectives (L1 & L2) and values (L3 - L7), as shown at right.

The primordial Will-energy becomes differentiated and concentrated in the 5 Levels of value. The purest, most spiritual and abstract form of these energies is found in Ultimate Values-L7, and I have named this energy: goodness (to make it sound less mysterious). In everyday life, we mainly focus on specific ultimate values like love, peace, joy, justice, wisdom, which are deemed good and are commonly viewed as attributes of God. Goodness can also be experienced as an Ultimate Value, which is confusing. (Other ultimate values are perceived as manifestations or powers of God, while Goodness is usually equated with God.)

Colour Convention:ClosedUltimate values are universally-sought experiential states. Examples of ultimate values will be in green e.g. peace. Goodness (in orange) refers either to spiritual energy or to a conception of what humans most desire in spiritual terms. Goodness (in green) refers to a specific ultimate value.

Goodwill leads to the release and application of ultimate values and their spiritual energies as we pursue our endeavours.

See values in more detail.
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Exploit Your Freedom

The essential feature of goodwill is that it is a product of a will that is experienced as free. Goodwill cannot be coerced. That means we must take advantage of our freedom to generate and experience conceptions of what is good i.e. ultimate values. This is the basis for producing goodness.

Freedom is a state of mind, and a commonly sought-after experiential value. As you become free of enslaving delusions, it becomes possible to have great dreams for yourself and for mankind. Those dreams can come true: it is simply a matter of enough people with enough goodwill.

The limiting factor is the degree to which each of us gives attention to ultimate values on a routine basis.

Unfortunately, anyone who is unconsciously imprisoned by fears and illusions is only too likely to strike out blindly instead. Others may be weakly aware of the necessary ultimate values, but are still willing to inconvenience or harm others unnecessarily. It happens as a side effect of gratifying wishes that are commonly irrelevant to the task at hand.

Because the tiniest loss of goodness may be enough to disrupt a relationship, purity of motive is important. That simply means using ultimate values willingly and without inappropriate egocentric intrusions. Purity of heart is to will one thinggood for the other person. And good for myself too, because the golden rule says that I must treat the other as myself. This is a human responsibility. If everyone wills in such a way, problems will remain, but your life and the entire world can only become better.

RecapPurity of motive is the source of goodwill, and one that requires continuous regeneration within us. It allows us to be responsible for humanity by using conceptions of what is good i.e. values. But not any sort of value will do, we must use ultimate values (PH6-L7).

Originally posted: 29-Mar-2013

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