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Building Blocks

Goodness All Round

The discovery of the Primal Injunctions-RH" (shown below right) provides us with the building blocks for producing goodness.

In whatever I attempt, I must remain authentic and true to who I am—otherwise the goodness would be a sham. I cannot live life as a cardboard cut-out: I need an intense and vital individuality. Goodness may well preserve humanity and it can better the lives of others, but it must better my psychosocial world as well. Anyone who says otherwise is hypocritical or self-deluded.

The Root Hierarchy can be divided into a Transcendence part above, an Actualization part below, and these are mediated via EL4-Experience.

Such betterment for myself is provided by the lower three Injunctions because:

However, betterment for others is the main focus in the upper three Injunctions

It seems caring about others-RL"4, the central Injunction, is the crucial mediator and reference point for goodness. That is hardly surprising. It must be self-evident that no-one generates goodness by callously riding roughshod over others.

Solution & Puzzle

The relevant Structural Hierarchy (RsH") requires all Primal Injunctions, individuality-driven and anti-egotistical, to operate in every grouping (i.e. level). This should enable a model for the authentic generation of goodness.

However, the Primal Injunctions are presented as rules, not methods, choices or spheres of living. So it is necessary to understand how they can serve as universal vehicles for goodness, i.e. simple processes found in all societies.

To orient myself, I started this inquiry at the obvious motivational source: the Will with its capacity for «good» energies i.e. goodwill.

Originally posted: 29-Mar-2013

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