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Producing Goodness

Your Responsibility for Goodness

There is a massive conflict between our humanity and our societies, aspects of which are often primitive in the extreme. Still, we must live in our societies for better or worse. Correspondingly, the biggest challenge in communal existence is rising to the occasion. At such times, personal awareness and principles refuse to submit to social and egocentric pressures.

Most of us think of a better world in terms of the empirical world, wholly or largely outside of ourselves. We want the reduction or eradication of poverty, ignorance, war, illness. Such goals are worthy: they derive from empathy with others and ideals that make life meaningful. Although such grand goals cannot realistically be your personal responsibility, you can still make a difference.

The context within which you make a difference is your psychosocial world: this is created by you and is therefore unequivocally your responsibility. Betterment here is a function of experiencing a personal responsibility for goodness, i.e. for actively generating goodness.

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In this section, we consider the psychosocial components that you can use to ensure goodness in your personal life and therefore in the wider world. In the next section, I will explain how THEE orders these components so you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Make «Your Life» Your Project

The Root Hierarchy can be divided into a Transcendence part above, an Actualization part below, and these are mediated via EL4-Experience.

All efforts to create goodness must depend on adherence to the Primal Injunctions-RH" (see right), and develop from the effective use of a better Self (RH"K). The question that arises is whether it is possible to move from a better Self as a state of awareness to making your usual self a vehicle for the creation of goodness. In this regard, it is far preferable if many or all of the Primal Injunctions are used simultaneously. In the previous framework (RH"), they can function separately.

However, producing goodness is not an endeavour in itself. Goodness is a value within purpose-RL6 that can guide and permeate endeavours throughout your life. Remember: values are created by an act of will. (Forgotten? Then review: transcendence is easy.)

The production of goodness is taxonomically enabled by perceiving each of the Primal Injunctions as a special-purpose «Vehicle». Then, to ensure all Injunctions are persistently in play, a Structural Hierarchy is generated in which each Level uses allvehicles in combinations. The proposed THEE-name for the result is: framework for Producing Goodness-RsH". It has many components: but you don't use all of them all of the time.

This framework offers a practical and realistic way to handle everyday life, work, and even the most difficult personal and social issues in a way that you and others can deem good.

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If you wish to see the final result now, click here.

Leap even further ahead and see in advance the dynamic framework for bringing goodness to life, which is derived from this result.

Originally posted: 29-Mar-2013

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