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Examples: Codes for Living

TOP Note: The examples below are meant to be illustrative only.

Religious Laws

When we examine the most popular codes, it is evident that they are focused on community survival and preoccupied with individual behaviour in a group setting.

Example 1: The 5 Precepts of Taoism

So simple and seemingly so little to ask. Yet what a transformation there would be in society if most people adhered to these.

Ideological Products

It is difficult to generalize about such sprawling, divers,e multi-headed entities as religions, but some appear to take a core identity primarily from one of the Primal Quests. Here are some suggestions:

Taoism is mysterious and focuses on Spirituality i.e. RH'L7.

Islam is controlling and focuses on Obedience i.e. RH'L6.

Christianity is sin-preoccupied and focuses on Salvation i.e. RH'L4.

Buddhism is atheistic and focuses on Enlightenment i.e. RH'L3.

Judaism is practical and focuses on Meaning i.e. RH'L2.

None focus on Pleasure-RH'L1, although there are philosophical efforts like Epicureanism that offer a primary focus on pleasure in a refined way.

Is any faith paradigm built around Creativity i.e. RH'L5?

Spiritual Products

When you delve deeper into sacred writings and comments on living by spiritual leaders, you find spiritual advice. These are remarkably similar across religions and function perfectly well without any theological superstructure or cosmological stories.

Personal Codes

As some further confirmation that there is a human need for a better Self, there is a variety of invented personal codes that share the spirit of the Primal Injunctions. Different spiritual masters often create their own set but, in principle, anyone can do it.

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