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Humanity's Codes for Living

The frameworks that have been considered in the Root provide the basis for three types of necessary «Codes for Living». Their psychosocial purpose is often termed "ethical" or "moral", but that blurs significant differences. They deal in turn with essential rules to ensure:

Three personal frameworks emerging from Will, the Root Cell have now been identified and elaborated: 

These three are progressively emergent as shown in the diagram: i.e. the Primal Injunctions-R"H are nested within RL'6-Obedience of the Primal Quests-RH', which in turn are nested within RL6-Purpose of Personal Endeavour-RH, which is emanated by Will-R, the Root and Origin of the Taxonomy. See internal Levels of each in the diagram.

These Root frameworks appear to be focused on the most general issues that a person faces. They differ from the many frameworks found within specific Root Levels i.e. governing specialized aspects of Action, Inquiry, Change, Experience, Communication, Purpose and Willingness. Each of these essences of living carries a different degree of importance depending on your particular life choices. The Root Hierarchy (as a whole), by contrast, is where everybody always finds themselves fully involved.

It is, perhaps, no surprise that these 3 Root frameworks are the source of Codes for Living developed over the millennia, and still of great concern, in regard to:

Originally posted: 10-Jan-2013

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