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Useful Patterns


«Star of Compassion»

«Pendant of Peace»

«Rectangle of a Strong Citizenry»

«Pentagon of Youthful Ambition»

«Good Living Diamond»


«Star of Compassion»

At the spiritual heart of all great religions is the requirement for compassion, or loving-kindness. In considering the better Self, it is evident that Caring About Others-L"4B must be a pre-requisite. It is the core concept without which compassion would have no meaning. However, Caring About Others by itself is a rather vague demand that is open to many interpretations.

Every Centre has a Channel that directly links to Caring About Others-L"4B, except for Get Enjoyment-L"1. So it is possible to view compassion as a composite requiring adherence to all eight Precepts that link directly to Caring About Others-L"4B, as shown in the diagram.

In the disconnection of Get Enjoyment may lie the basis of the ever-present clash between personal pleasure and compassionate activity.




«Pendant of Peace»

The upper triangle provides the underpinning for peaceful living. It calls for us to:

In doing that, we may need to stand up and be counted, because it is very likely that not everybody is ready to give others the right to exist that they want for themselves.

There then follows more Precepts relating to caring about others that may be difficult at times:

Finally, there are the two vertical channels that are probably the most essential:

If you prefer "love the other as yourself",Closed that is all to the good. You undoubtedly love yourself a great deal (or should), and that will rebound to the benefit of others.



«Rectangle of a Strong Citizenry»

If the Injunction to See Unity-L"7 is downplayed, then it is still possible to have a productive society with strong citizens who are ready to participate effectively. The benefit is a proud and effective society.

The problem, however, is that their convictions may well include feelings of superiority over other cultures, religions or ethnic groups.

Projection of undesired traits on to others is then rather likely. Unpleasant consequences usually follow because this is a conscientious citizenry ready to act on their convictions.


«Pentagon of Youthful Ambition»

The challenge for every young adult is to discover himself or herself so as to create a unique place in society. That social world is a given and others compete aggressively. However, by getting a grip on themselves and doing what is natural, much can be achieved that is good.

The Pentagon directly supports self-discovery, respecting preferences, finding congenial arrangements. It encourages applying strengths and finding opportunities. From that basis, it is possible to face up to things and to make a difference. Communal life benefits greatly, even if it needs to find ways to ensure exuberance does not get out of hand and cause harm to necessary and enduring values.

Note that the two highest Primal Injunctions are ignored here, and there is also a downplaying of the paying attention Centres/Levels. The modern and post-modern social context currently inhibits young people from intuitively grasping that goodness involves more than just thinking about themselves, making money and having a good time. Unfortunately, sometimes they grow older without growing up.

It is evident in this Pentagon that there is an absence of Precepts to manage unscrupulousness, power motivations, raging frustration, low standards and insensitivity. Hence the stories—from bank traders to bureaucrats—of wild displays involving drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, ripping off clients, deceiving regulators, ultra-luxury extras, humiliations, and excesses of all sorts.


«Good Living Diamond»

This Diamond reflects mid-life. With maturity, the excesses of youth are purged from the system. The significance of paying attention to others is recognized and concern for the local community &/or wider society develops.

Remember the internal duality. By focusing on the lower Injunctions, where goodness is the concern, it is possible to create a structure that describes «Good Living». It is not quite «bringing goodness to life» (see later) because the upper Injunctions that deal with existence are ignored.

Why would existential issues be neglected? Society is an intractable beast with power wielded by the unscrupulous who are backed by the unthinking mass. So life punishes the innocent, exploits the hard-working, penalizes the prudent, attacks those who dare to speak the truth. To see unity becomes hard. To maintain a focus on what is right rather than adapting expediently is asking a lot. To keep doing your best with poor recompense can be exhausting.

This Diamond is probably used in later years to govern life choices with a sense of pride and the self-justification that comes from recognizing realpolitik.

Originally posted: 15-Feb-2013

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