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Humanity's Expectations of You

The Primal Injunctions are fundamental to our better Self. If you choose to use your better Self within a social milieu, as you naturally will, then Primal Precepts emerge as the Injunctions interact and combine. Taken together the Injunctions and Precepts are guides for a worthwhile communal existence, whatever the state of your society.

It is noticeable that there is no self-disparagement, much less self-neglect, expected or implied in this framework. Naturally, a strong community depends on its members thriving. Its members can only thrive if they respond to themselves and care for themselves, as well as others.

So these Precepts seem to be part of the 20th century discovery of our dynamic inner life and the importance of interpersonal relationships, rather than sourced from any religious or spiritual tradition.

Adherence calls for positive motivation and self-discipline. The initial requirement to unite with others seems to be the most difficult as might be expected. By contrast, ensuring your own stability is relatively undemanding when you are at home in your social milieu. To thrive with others may be more difficult insofar as these Precepts seem to invite neglect; and their violation may not generate overt opprobrium.

The most challenging moment comes when you rise to the occasion and assert your individual will in constructive defiance of the social milieu. At those moments, however it may appear to others and whatever the consequences, you are doing your utmost possible to make a meaningful difference to the status quo.

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Originally posted: 15-Feb-2013

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