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Face Dangers & Temptations

If only it was easy. The cross-level Precepts for enabling a worthwhile communal existence look simple. But they generally turn out to be rather demanding in practice—and often most difficult when most needed. The consequences of violating these Precepts, which is dangerous but so tempting and common, is spelled out here.


L"7: See Unity Heed What's Right: L"6

When understanding social obligations-L6E, we must discriminate a multiplicity of social groups in any domain, and many will have their own distinctive value systems. These groups and their value systems generate distinctive obligations on members. So, from each persons's perspective, alien ideologies, beliefs and cultures are all around. Social interaction amongst different tribe-type groups demands peaceful coexistence. While, as a single individual, I cannot make this happen, it is the position that I should hold and publicly affirm.
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So the Precept R"L7B R"L6S is named: Allow Coexistence.
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In regard to using personal principles-L6P, discrimination focuses on the intrinsic distinctive strengths within every individual, as manifested in their life goals, values, and ethical orientations, independent of their group (i.e. race, creed, class, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation &c.) I am part of this diversity and I should support and sustain it, benefiting from it where possible.

So the Precept R"L7B R"L6P is named: Value Diversity.
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L"6: Heed What's Right Do Your Best: L"5

There are four potential Channels due to the existence of two Centres in each Level as shown.

ClosedAbsent Combinations

Be Conscientious

An understanding of social obligations directly affects being productive by ensuring relevant laws are followed and customary concerns respected. This is a demand for conscientiousness. The same influence operates upwards: being productive generates social obligations in relation to users, helpers, partners, and suppliers.

So the Precept R"L6S R"L5S is named: Be Conscientious.
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Develop Conviction

Imagining the new is part of deliberately attempting to bring about change. Our response to such change is handled by using personal principles, which may range from the radical to the conservative. These two Centres are similar in that both demand a faith-based conviction in regard to change: conviction about what is right, and conviction about what is to be done. So it seems that the influence of each on the other is to reinforce that. This is the same conviction to be deepened that was discovered in the creativity framework: RsH-G2.

So the Precept R"L6P R"L5P is named: Develop Conviction.
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L"5: Do Your Best Care about Others: L"4

Alter Paradigms

Caring should address a person's needs. But needs are often concealed, subtle or latent: and then they require articulation. Much of the time we are unaware of our own needs and it is common for business or government agencies to ignore needs in favour of their own convenience and agenda. In regard to creating something new, the use of imagination in the context of caring about others can lead you to see the deficiency of the current approaches. You could then deliver what people need as distinct from what they want. But that means the paradigm governing the existing service or product will be radically altered: price may be slashed (e.g. low cost air travel) or usability magnified (e.g. Apple's iPhone).

So the Precept R"L5P R"L4B is named: Alter Paradigms.
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Raise Standards

In being productive, care about others is manifested by the standards that you apply to the interactions and exchanges within the task, project or endeavour. If the other is a customer, then providing a better service or a safer product might be appropriate. If the others are your family, then improving the quality rather than quantity of time in relaxation might be appropriate. If the other is a partner in your project, then improving communications might be the way to show care. If the other is an employee, then a high-morale work environment with opportunities to be creative expresses care. In all cases, care is about providing a better quality.

So the Precept R"L5S R"L4B is named: Raise Standards.
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L4: Care about Others Become Aware: L3

Show Sensitivity

You are continually in situations that require handling either because it is an assigned duty or to protect your self-interest. More often than not, others are affected, and sometimes not pleasantly for them. If caring about others is activated, you must recognize their feelings, perspectives and wishes when grasping such situations. There is rarely a need for deep imaginative expertise or effort. You must, however, handle the other in a way that is tactful and fitting for all concerned. This applies especially if the outcome is not what they wish or is actively disliked (e.g. you happen to be profiting at their expense).

So the Precept R"L4B R"L3P is named: Show Sensitivity.
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Be Genuine

If you become self-aware as you care about another, then you can relate from wherever you are in your own mind. Furthermore, being self-aware is necessary to sense what is going on inside another person. The process of empathic identification enables you to have a genuine interaction or relationship, as appropriate to the particular situation and person. Again, there is no demand for deep imaginative expertise or effort.

So the Precept R"L4B R"L3P is named: Be Genuine.
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L3: Become Aware Hold Ideas: L2

Elevate Aspirations

Holding ideals as you get to grips with a situation means that you can raise the tone of discussions and shape the inquiry constructively. This helps you produce a better outcome all round, but does not guarantee it. All you can do is elevate the aspirations that are applicable.

So the Precept R"L3S R"L2B is named: Elevate Aspirations.
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Know What Matters

If you become self-aware while you keep your ideals in mind, then you understand what deserves your attention. It deserves attention because it has values relevant to your ideals. From the reverse perspective, you require sufficient self-knowledge to be able to maintain ideals without over-extending yourself in social settings.

So the Precept R"L3P R"L2B is named: Know What Matters.
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L2B: Hold Ideals Get Enjoyment: L1B

You can hold ideals and get enjoyment in many ways, but the circumstances play a significant part in both cases. As a result, there are always imperfections.

In getting enjoyment from my ideals, I must accept that all too often my real self does not match up to my ideal self, just as my actual society does not match up to its own ideals. When I apply ideals to enjoyment, I find a similar situation of imperfection. Anticipation often turns out to be the best part of the process of getting enjoyment. Disappointment makes it all too easy to feel outraged or get into a rage. But our egotistic wishes mean that imperfection is an enduring part of human life and the corresponding better Self guideline is to bear frustration calmly.

So the Precept R"L2B R"L1B is named: Tolerate Imperfection.
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See a popup picture with all these Channels.

Despite adherence to all these Precepts, you might well conclude that your efforts towards a better communal existence do rather little to remedy society's ethical imperfections. To use your better Self to the fullest and address such issues, you can do more. Not a lot, but more. You do so by concentrating on the Levels where the Injunctions are most polarized. Although you can always focus there, society only permits you to act when the moment comes.

Originally posted: 31-Jan-2013

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