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Tension in Obeying

If you imagine yourself in the act of obeying any of the Primal Injunctions, you will notice yourself being pulled or pushed in two opposite directions by two different milieus (environments, contexts). This is the dynamic duality that is an invariable component of Tree frameworks.

The duality that seems to be relevant here is whether obedience is focused on:

The dynamic dualities are often difficult to name definitively because their quality alters slightly at each Level. So other names for the two poles are shown below:

  Private Public
  Individual Group
  Internal-inner External-outer
  Unique Common
  Owned Shared
  Psyche Milieu
  Psychological Environmental

In the relevant THEE formulae:

Where there are two Centres operative within one Level, the more dominant Centre is placed on the right in diagrams, by convention.

Originally posted: 31-Jan-2013

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