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Create a Better Communal Existence

Yet Another Challenge

Having enabled a «better Self» using the Primal Injunctions, you have discovered the essential instrument for enabling a «better communal life».

There seems to be little point in making the effort to go beyond your comfortable ego-oriented self on an occasional basis. Your «better Self» deserves to be used regularly in everyday life. In doing so, the Injunctions interact and produce a pattern of related Precepts that not only make your life more worthwhile, but also help others. This can become a virtuous circle.
ClosedFace Your Choice:

The more people use a better Self, the better your communal living. This mutual dependency or interdependency is a mark of our humanity. If everyone waits for the other to activate a better Self, then both social and spiritual progress will be inhibited.

In the diagram at right, the 7 Levels are shown as Centres. A Tree framework looks possible because these Primal Injunctions, despite being derived from the incompatible Primal Quests, seem broadly congruent and supportive of each other. The quickest of appraisals suggests that they could interact i.e. the hierarchy is holistic. (More details in the Hub.)

In most THEE Trees, including the Quests-Planes, the Centres are complex systems of choices or psychosocial states. So interactions take the form of bi-directional influences in the Channels i.e. the Centres alter each other. However, the Primal Injunctions are unchangeable rules, so interactions seem rather to be about the generation of additional rules that take account of more of the practicalities of social life. I am labeling these: Primal Precepts

Bypass all explanations and see the picture now.

Injunctions are Used within a Social Milieu

The Tree to be developed is named: Framework for a Better Communal Existence-RH"K.

If you imagine applying your better Self now, you will sense that the moment you actually start to use an Injunction, you find yourself in a potential conflict due to being communally embedded. You immediately notice that your own intrinsic nature is relevant and that others are also impacted by your choices and actions. You simply cannot ignore either of these pressures.

Improving communal existence through obeying the Injunctions is therefore a dynamic process, with an inherent and unavoidable polarizing tension. Discovery and development of this Framework requires clarity about this polarity: called in THEE the dynamic duality.

Once its effect on the Injunctions is known, investigation will follow in four steps. This is not a temporal sequence but a natural ordering of psychosocial requirements.

Step-1: I must unite with others to provide the foundation of a decent social life.

Step-2: I must stabilizemyself in my milieu, recognizing that everyone in the community is a unique person with the same basic needs and obligations as me.

Step-3: I must thrive with others in my community by focusing on what protects and realizes our common social values.

Step-4: I must rise to the occasion at times, regardless of what anyone else thinks or does.

Originally posted: 31-Jan-2013

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