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Quiz on Evil

These questions draw on the accounts of values and evil developed to this point in THEE investigations. Links back to relevant pages are provided. Of course you may not agree: make comments below.

ClosedCan we rid the world of evil?

ClosedAre there people who deliberately choose evil?

ClosedCan a person be pure evil?

ClosedIs it possible to choose evil mindlessly?

ClosedIs it possible to choose evil accidentally?

ClosedIs 'wishing someone harm' evil?

ClosedIs 'sacrificing a virgin at the spring equinox' evil?

ClosedIs 'breaking a promise' evil?

ClosedIs 'making someone's life miserable' evil?

ClosedIs 'scapegoating' evil?

ClosedIs 'lacking principles' evil?

ClosedAre there self-evident evil acts?

ClosedIs ignorance an excuse for evil?

ClosedIs the Universe moral?

ClosedIs it possible for a choice to be judged ethical and yet evil?

ClosedIs it evil to follow or to contravene local customs?

ClosedIs money the root of all evil?

ClosedIs evil an independent force in nature? 

ClosedCan good and evil be fused?

ClosedAre our sexual impulses evil?

ClosedIs 'sin' the same as evil?

Originally posted: 7-Dec-2012

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