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Evil & Lust for Power

The Empire Strikes Back

The Quests appear to be unambiguously good and their pursuit seeks what is right. Even if some Quests or individuals on the same Quest make a more limited contribution to the pleroma than others, evil does not belong here.

«Evil» is not a positive independent thing, but is rather the «choice of a lesser good». It is what fills the vacuum left by the absence of good. So there are no negative Quests.

Creation has Destruction as its evil twin in the Divine Planes. But in the Human Plane, the arrangement is different. Deliberate destruction is far too organized not to be creative in some measure. That is why organized crime often expands into legitimate businesses. It seems more fitting to regard such «destruction» as part of a fundamental Lust: the Lust for Power.

ExcludedClosed here is destruction that is an unintended consequence, a result of ignorance or neglect.

A Speculative TET

Those who are power-centred are only too aware how much effort is required by creative work. It is far easier to turn your back on such work and parasite or free-ride on the daily efforts of others. This necessarily depletes the pleroma. The Power Lust inflates the ego, and manifests as arrogance and self-importance. The Quest TET has therefore been speculatively re-drawn with these as the new axes.

Lust for Power

Power-lust then perverts all Quest-like phenomena, such as they are in the environment of Power. The Discretionary Interaction quadrant becomes the anti-ethics of Dominance and Control, with Obedience replaced by the view that My Personal Will determines the law. Rather than compassionate assistance, there is Cruelty. Only by being cruel can a person be sure that the other is submitting and weaker. That is why torture is favoured by power-mongers everywhere. It never provides the truth, but truth is not the goal. The goal is the glory of power.

The Feeling Good quadrant becomes impulsive and degraded with no room for ideals or meaning. Only the Pleasure Quest remains as a way to blot out reality.

Human nature provides signals that evil is encroaching. When Salvation is replaced by Cruelty and Obedience by Wilfulness, the signal is guilt, remorse or regret. In regard to feeling good (Meaning, Pleasure), the signal is shame, humiliation and dishonour.

However, once these signals have been rejected, and commitment to perversity and sociopathy is wilfully entrenched, then they cease to function. We say the person is hardened or brutalized. Social disapproval, opprobrium or sanctions then carry no weight.

The Power-lust is essentially immersive in nature. Apart from Pleasure to blot out the world, there is no conception of equilibrium except feeling in control. Enlightenment and Spirituality are regarded as weak-minded and misguided. Money buys people, and having enough money enables effective solipsism and self-delusion.

Superorganisms attract those with a lust for power. That is what makes large groups so dangerous.


The pressure to demonstrate power and experience its glory demands ever more mindless cruelty and release of evil passions. Most people watch in horror as superorganisms orchestrate submission and fear that fills the mind and floods the land. The weak-willed join in. The good-natured give the benefit of the doubt, and the wisest escape.

Eventually, evil burns itself out.

It then takes a rest … as humaneness reasserts itself.

The pleroma is replenished.

Humanity survives …

. .… this time.

Originally posted: 7-Dec-2012

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