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The Source of Egotism


Egocentricity emerges when we split our ego/self, or split a communal whole into «them» and «us». We then avoid focusing on the whole self or social group, and vigorously pursue our own interests regardless. The highest Primary Injunction to see unity-L"7 is a direct challenge to this seductive option.

The use of splitting is a delusionary promise that it is possible to disconnect from fear, pain and anything we dislike. But delusions only provide a portion of the benefit we seek. They usually give us a sense of safety and lessened pain, but they never provide the substance of safety or resolve the cause of pain.

We are born with intrinsic egocentricity hard-wired in our brains due to our evolutionary emergence from animals. That blinds us (or strives to blind us) to the whole within which our portion (or perspective or self) is but a part. Animal instincts aside, egocentricity operates continuously to disconnect us for at least three reasons: 


Originally posted: 7-Dec-2012

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