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The Meaning of «Restrain Evil»

Exploration of Evil

In explaining each Primal Injunction in the previous section, reasons for the difficulty in obeying were offered. In every case, the cause lay in self-centred concerns. That means that our evil tendencies are rooted in our very self.

Evil refers to:

Compare this to an equation of «evil» with «bad».

Primal Injunctions appear to be constructed to sustain personal freedom and growth by encouraging a movement towards the greater good. However, obedience is required because our natural inner tendencies are often satisfied with a lesser good that suits our ego/self. We often fail to notice this as a manifestation of evil—or disregard it.

ClosedWhy not Fight Evil?

Our Existential Duty

You can remove the mystery around the notion of obeying Primal Injunctions to release a better Self by asking a rather unusual question:

The widely appreciated answer, confirmed here in THEE, is that we must enable good and restrain evil. This question of «existential duty» relates directly to humanity's Achilles' heel: i.e. evil as an expedient or reflex response, typically to handle vulnerability and fear.

Ignoring or neglecting the good is automatically a lesser good. It generates a vacuum in the pleroma, one which is intrinsically evil. Perhaps the vacuum gets filled with additional evil—as activities unequivocally harmful emerge to reduce boredom or increase power for its own sake.

The historical record is unambiguous: our societies and social institutions, like governments and religions, cannot be wholly trusted to guide us, despite their claims and best intentions. So we must develop and use our better Self to handle vulnerability and live peacefully with others.

This depends on, among other things, being guided by the set of universal Primal Injunctions-RH" bequeathed to mankind by evolution.

This exploration of evil will:

Originally posted: 7-Dec-2012

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