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Become Aware: RH"L3

Quest → Injunction

Derivation of the Primal Injunction to "Become Aware" (L"4)  from the Enlightenment Primal Quest (L'4)

The Enlightenment Quest is about opening one's eyes to what is going on and avoiding the comforts of illusion and self-deception in any and every sphere of life. If it is your Quest, this dedication is appealing. If it is not, the notion is probably appalling or ridiculous. So it would be expecting far too much to require everybody to «be aware» as a constant state of mind.

However, it does not make sense to be wholly ignorant about what is going on around you: especially in situations where you are personally involved. The Primal Injunction holds that you must be prepared to «become aware» when things are difficult or sensitive or dangerous or going wrong. Rejecting the Injunction appears as lazy ignorance or wilfully closing your mind. So we might re-phrase this injunction as: Don't blind yourself! or more colloquially: Get real!

Becoming aware includes practical requirements and factual knowledge as well as mental states (your own and others). In social arenas, it must extend to seeing beyond appearances into what is really going on. In risky or sensitive situations, it demands avoiding superficial judgements and recognizing the natural feelings, perspectives and interests of others.

Potential Misconceptions

Why Is It So Hard?

It is natural to shrink from  what is unfamiliar or alien, even if, by getting knowledge, you will be in a far better position to respond constructively and protect yourself.

It is surprising how easy it is to slip into taking things at face-value or operating on automatic when the situation manifestly demands more attention and reflection. Conventional wisdom may suffice for established routines and dreamy speculations about the future. But when it is a matter of personal choice, not knowing can have serious consequences for you and others.

Nevertheless, becoming aware is resisted: probably less because it takes time and effort, and more because it can be painful and humiliating i.e. wounding to your ego. It is wounding to forego social approval by disagreeing. It is wounding to face up to personal weakness or errors of judgement or base wishes. It is wounding to have to change your tack or admit to misjudgements.

Originally posted:16-Nov-2012

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