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Structure of this Story

Section Goal

My goal for this section is to get the Primal Injunctions well-formulated and to understand their properties, relationships and interactions. This will allow me to focus (in the next section) on how a «better Self» contributes to a «better world», one that enables each and all of us to flourish; and then (in the subsequent section) on how each of us can «produce goodness».

Each Primal Injunction will be determined by identifying and extracting an essence within its corresponding Primal Quest. Obeying a Primal Injunction does not require commitment to its originating Quest, nor any belief in that Quest, nor even knowledge of it.

ClosedMore on Extracting the Essence

In exploring and identifying the relevant essence of the Primal Quest, many possibilities were imagined, examined and discarded. In the inquiry, I applied principles that were:

To repeat all that inquiry work on this website would be tedious. However, there may be errors, small or large. If you wish to suggest any ideas, or criticize any formulation, then the relevant issues can be easily re-opened and re-examined. Use TOP's tools: Comments which are public, or Give Feedback which is private.

Follow the Section's Structure

You can go through the Primal Injunctions in order using the Table of Contents, or
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This throws a light on the evolution of religious-spiritual commandments over the millennia, including modern-day more personal spiritual codes.

With this understandingClosed of the better Self and what is realistic in regard to a better world, it becomes possible to delve deeper. Sections to follow will consider what is required to produce goodness for humanity, and how to lead a good life in your society.

ClosedTHEE Note on Structure

Originally posted:16-Nov-2012

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