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Primal Injunctions: RH"

Essences of the Primal Quests

Primal Injunctions exist for only one purpose: to develop your «better Self» so that evil can be restrained, and a better world created.

ClosedReminder of the Background 

The Injunctions are based on essences extracted from the Primal Quests, and they form a structure nested within the Obedience Quest-RH'L6 as shown below.

Each of the 7 Primal Quests contributes something that seems necessary for humanity. Even if some are definitely not for me or you, each has a timeless appeal. You might even wish you were on a Quest other than your own. But the attractiveness of a Quest is not the issue: each suggests an aspect of personal existence that seems essential for the good of all—an essence that must not be ignored. These essences constitute the Primal Injunctions.

The simple essence induced from each Quest must, however, be applicable to everyone and able to be used comfortably by them, regardless of their Primal Quest or their Plane of Existence. Primal Quests feel utterly natural. After all, your Quest is the «purpose of life» for you. It gives meaning to your life and makes you happy. By contrast, although some Primal Injunctions may feel natural, some may not fully appeal to you in all circumstances, especially when they run counter to your interests. That is why, like it or not, there is the requirement on you (and everyone else) to obey.

Respecting the Primal Injunctions creates your «better Self».

Why obey?Closed Psychologically, to apply to all and over-ride wishes and desires. Practically, to preserve humanity. Formally, because the injunctions were discovered nested within the Obedience Quest.

Why Primal?Closed This signifies their fundamental-existential nature.

Why Injunction?Closed Terms like rule, obligation or commandment have too many religious, ethical and social associations. The present focus is existential.

Why only an essence?Closed To release value from Primal Quests other than our own, we must push ourselves. If everyone is expected to obey, then the injunction has to be specific, reasonable and appropriate for all.

As shown in the diagram, Primal Injunctions form the Root Tertiary Hierarchy nested within Obedience – Divine Will.
ClosedSee Listing of Correspondences.

The Way Forward

The goal for this section is to formulate the Primal Injunctions simply, and then understand their interactions with each other which activate the better Self in daily life. This will allow a focus (in the next section) on how our «better Self» can and should contribute to a «better world». Needless to say, a «better world» would be one that enables each and all of us to flourish in accord with our own choosing—so long as this means sustaining good and inhibiting evil.

Jump ahead & see findings in advance:

Even moreClosed: Further frameworks to be derived from the Primal Injunctions clarify the components for producing goodness and the dynamics of leading a good life.

Or proceed systematically:

  1. Review the organization of the argument in this section, then …
  2. Check what a «better Self» means, review obedience, and also note differences between Quests and Injunctions, then …
  3. Commence clarification of the 1st Primal Injunction.

THEE Note: The section assumes you are curious about how, in your own way, you can reduce evil in your world (and mine). Note that the Primal Injunctions are not typical religious laws or synonymous with your conscience.

Originally posted:16-Nov-2012

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