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«Pleroma»: The Field

The 7 Planes Constitute a Field

The Planes of Existence are where good and evil are to be found, as shown in the Tree framework. The name chosen for all the Planes taken together is: Pleroma.
Dictionary meaning (OED):Closed The spiritual universe as the abode of God and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations.

The Pleroma is the vessel or field containing all the energies that power humanity's creation of psychosocial reality: i.e. everything enabling what is non-physical/non-material/non-technical in human existence. All human thoughts and deeds affect the Pleroma in ways that are not apparent or fully predictable.

It seems that Divine Creation-L5 must depend on pleromatic energies for the continued sustenance of humanity. If that is so, then the Pleroma would be generated and sustained by the combination of Universal Spirit-L7 and its direct emanations, Cosmic Forces-L6. However, these Divine Planes depend wholly on the Human Planes. Context has no meaning without content—so the dependency of divinity on humanity accords with the way all Tree Frameworks operate.

The Pleroma Requires Replenishment

Societies are preoccupied with ethics defined largely in terms of their own survival, not with the well-being of humanity or specific persons. A society (or any group) can therefore potentially pose a threat to humanity, especially as it becomes large and arrogant. So it is important to put socially-determined ethics to one side and focus on the existential implication of the good v evil conflict that occurs within the human heart.

I offer the following conjectures:

The Method: a «Better Self»

The struggle of good v evil is part of efforts to replenish the energy of the Pleroma and ensure its stability. Each Quest tilts the balance of good and evil in the Universe towards the good to a greater or lesser degree. So every person should recognize and handle their own Quest sensibly. However, a great deal of everyday life is not governed by Quests, and therefore another solution is required.

The solution to «the existence of evil» must be something else within ourselves. Something that is:

This has been discovered in THEE as the «better Self». It is a nested hierarchy within Obedience-RH'L6 and contains humanity's Primal Injunctions. These Primal Injunctions then turn out to provide the means for us to self-consciously and safely produce goodness.

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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