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Humanity's Achilles' Heel

The Problem of Evil is Ours

Where the Good v Evil polarity is split, it is evident that in the higher Divine Planes (L6 and L5), the Good dominates, while in the lower Human Planes (L3), Evil dominates. Furthermore, Good and Evil are divided and kept apart in the Divine realm, except within Divine Oneness, which is, in any case, incomprehensible.

So, at least on superficial inspection, handling Evil is significantly easier for Divine Beings than it is for us Human Beings.

Furthermore the whole system has its L1-foundation in survival via Practical Existence. This arena is competitive: the survival of the fittest based on group survival and pursuit of self-interest.


The issue now is the provision of effective control of the inherent evil that is fused with the undoubted good within practical existence. If not, human beings in their headlong drive to survive will certainly push themselves into extinction. This is not speculation: many societies have done just that by destroying the environment that supported them or exhausting their wealth and moral integrity via continual wars and pervasive corruption.

The diagram makes it obvious that the Divine Planes can do nothing directly about this. Sustainability is up to us.

The Solution for Evil must be Ours

The diagram suggests that Practical Existence-L1 should sustain Psychological Existence-L2 and Aware Existence-L3. Then those two Planes can support the semi-divine Plane-L4 and all higher Divine Planes (L5-L7).

However, for that to work out, Awareness-L3 and Mindfulness-L2 must provide sufficient effective control over Practical Existence-L1.

There are only two ways to enable this: ●elevation and ●supervision.


Those on the Practical Plane-L1 can make the effort to raise themselves into the Psychological Plane-L2 by fostering their own mindfulness. This is perfectly possible.

However, because everyone's natural tendencies will be otherwise, success will depend greatly on a social context that gently but firmly pressures practical people to elevate themselves.

Many self-help and management books are currently being focused explicitly on this as part of the emergence of the 21st Century Enlightenment e.g. a recent text with this goal is called «Lift».


Much of the effort must initially come from the Awareness Plane-L3, but it will need to be handled and sustained by those firmly established within Psychological Existence-L2. Mindful-L2 leaders and managers will need to accept and understand wise counsel and become genuinely excited by the opportunity. Many will be highly practical. So it will be important to promise great benefits from doing things in ways that align with a «better Self». It must be emphasized that control over base impulses will feel completely natural.

With effort, it is possible to inhibit Closedmindless repetition of…

Yet to Come: To this point, there are no specifications within THEE about what «your better Self» refers to, and what it entails. That will be explored in the next section.

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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