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Divine-Human Interactions

THEE Note: The 7 Planes of Existence have been re-conceived as 10 States of Being, shown below in the diagram. The bi-directional Channels of influence and interaction between these States are developed here from the top down. Remember: These are speculative formulations.

Divine to Semi-Divine

The Divine Realm with its Centres and Channels is evident in the top half of the Tree diagram, and the Human Realm with its Centres and Channels is evident in the lower half.

The Divine and Human realms share an interest in one CentreCosmic Consciousness-L4B. From the outset, this Plane has been viewed as the mediation mechanism. It is a condition of existence accessible by human beings, but semi-divine in nature because of its direct interactions with higher levels.

Cosmic Consciousness-L4B receives its Divine inputs via:

Cosmic Consciousness-L4B distributes the Divine inputs via:

Divine Creation-RH'L5 to Awareness Plane-RH'L3

The Plane of Awareness is where access to the Divine (as distinct from Cosmic Consciousness) is regularly claimed and widely believed. The Hebrew Prophets left detailed records of their experiences in the Old Testament. Other religious traditions have similar accounts. Down the ages and in modern times, mystics, gurus and spiritually inspired individuals of all sorts have claimed access of some sort. Many who would not put themselves into such an exalted category, nevertheless affirm experiences that are suggestive of Channels.

Creation Principle-L5G Charismatic Presence-L3E

As a result of experiences prophets claim, truthfully and possibly fearfully, to have seen or to have been shown, or to have become strangely aware of, something directly from the Divine. The interaction enhances and strengthens charisma so that others witness alterations in facial appearance, posture, tone of voice and emotional projection. Charisma boosts the importance for all that there is a Divine Creation Principle.

So the Channel RH'L5G L3E is named Inflation.

Creation Principle-L5G Wise Living-L3G

Wise Living, represented by the sage, is more modest and restrained. If religious, contact with God would be blasphemy. If simply aware, contact would be excessive, perhaps overwhelming and even dangerous. However, via periodic states of Cosmic Consciousness, indirect access to the Creation Principle may occur leading to Complete Guidance. Such mediated form of awareness is acceptable, and indeed probably unavoidable.

So there is access but no direct Channel.

Destruction Principle-L5E Wise Living-L3G

Wise Living leads to an approach to divinity that is cautious and almost doubtful. The sage wonders why he is different from others and is self-observant to avoid arrogance and dogmatism. It is necessary to avoid the temptation to utter false prophecies or give ego-boosting but poor guidance. These inherent doubts and uncertainties tempt the Destruction Principle which dangles easy paths, generates seductive mental images, and even organizes exciting coincidences. Perhaps this functions in the service of good insofar as it forces attention to humility, reaffirmation of responsibility to humanity, and dedicated concern for specific individuals.

So the Channel RH'L5E L3G is named Temptation.

Destruction Principle-L5E Charismatic Presence-L3E

The Charismatic Presence needs reinforcement by something intense, exceptional, and dripping with divine goodness. The Destruction Principle cannot provide that type of energy. What it can do, however, is to invade the sphere of Cosmic Consciousness-L4 with distorting illusions that fragment reality. These may then be perceived (or mis-perceived) as a true revelation.

So there is influence but no direct Channel.

If these propositions are correct, then the two Channels linking the divine (L5) to the human (L4) directly (and bypassing Cosmic Consciousness-L4) are rather dangerous: Temptation and Inflation.

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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