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Inter-Plane Influences for Divine Beings

THEE Note: The upper 3 Planes of Existence have been re-conceived as 5 States of Divine Being and the Cosmic Consciousness Plane is included. The bi-directional Channels of influence and interaction between these higher States of Being are developed here from the top down.

From RH'L7B: Plane of Divine Oneness

To L6Cosmic Forces
Divine Oneness-L7B is the necessary source of the Divine Will-L6 and all lower Planes of Existence. Exactly how it generates these probably cannot be known, apart from presuming that their existence develops via emanations with opposite valences and implications. Conversely, Cosmic Forces must somehow enter Divine Oneness: presumably by emanating negatively and positively into it—and being absorbed.

So the Channel RH'L7B L6G is named
Positive Emanation.
& the Channel RH'L7B L6E is named
Negative Emanation.

To L5: Divine Creation
If the usual pattern holds, Divine Oneness-L7B will not directly influence either the Creation Principle-L5G or the Destruction Principle-L5E. It simply coexists. Spiritual schemas typically show a «spirit» floating above the «Creator-God». Perhaps, unlike Cosmic Forces-L6, the two Principles are too self-contained, too self-sufficient, and too engaged with Human Planes. The reverse influence is also difficult to imagine.

So there are no Channels here.

To L4: Cosmic Consciousness-L4B
Given the Spirituality Quest and reports of spiritual states, we can be confident that some persons can and do experience Divine Oneness. Over the millennia, many have sought and accessed that state, if only briefly. To provide for the repeated human experiences of being flooded with Divine Oneness-L7B, there must be a Channel directly to Cosmic Consciousness-L4B.

So the Channel RH'L7B L4B is named Permeation.

From RH'L6: Plane of Divine Will

From Forces of Light-L6G

To L5Divine Creation-L5
Two Channels are theoretically possible but only one makes sense.

So the Channel RH'L6G L5G is named Formation.

So there is no Channel.

To L4: Forces of Light-L6G Cosmic Consciousness-L4B
For many who are spiritually inclined, the primary concern in relating to God is not accessing pure Oneness-L7, but rather the experience of an outpouring of God's Love, God's Mercy, God's Strength, God's Peace &c. These experiences reflect an outpouring, flow and infusion from specific Forces of Light. Continuing imaginative contact with these Forces can be sustaining. In return, the spiritually developed individual infuses the Forces of Light with essential energies—see replenishing the Pleroma.

So the Channel RH'L6E L4B is named Infusion.

From Diabolic Forces-L6E

To L5: Divine Creation-L5
Two Channels are theoretically possible but only one makes sense.

So the Channel RH'L6E L5E is named Unleashing.

To L4: Diabolic Forces-L6E Cosmic Consciousness-L4B
A person can find that rage, anger, hate, revenge and similar destructive emotional states become an all-consuming preoccupation. This means the equivalent Diabolic Forces-L6E (Rage, Anger, Hate &c.) are taking possession of the person's spirit. At such times, it is impossible to discuss anything rationally. The person's damaging impulses lack restraint because they are desired and valued as a possession. The person is almost animal-like and yet with fully human powers to harm and destroy.

So the Channel RH'L6E L5E is named Possession.

From RH'L5: Plane of Divine Creation

Creation Principle-L5G Cosmic Consciousness-L4B

In providing for the evolution of mankind, the Creation Principle is represented as Divine Providence. Creation always brings matters to a completion before a new beginning. Lower Planes get distressed and desperate about the suffering and manifest evils associated with this process. However, perfection is evident from the perspective of Cosmic Consciousness where everything just «is» and everything «is good». As the mystic Julian of Norwich put it: "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."

Cosmic Consciousness in turn completes and perfects the Creation Principle. Without that Plane, humanity would be too distant from the Divine and unable to be complete.

So the Channel RH'L5G L4B is named Completion (or perhaps Perfection)

Destruction Principle-L5E Cosmic Consciousness-L4B

Being on the same Divine Creation Plane, the Destruction Principle can only produce a trick of the light. It enters Cosmic Consciousness through the generation of false images and ideas that lead to distortions, misconceptions and misperceptions. The result is to disintegrate, fragment and make dualities appear wrong. Cosmic Consciousness, in turn, seems to be capable of confronting and breaking up the Destruction Principle and so neutralizing its influence.

So the Channel RH'L5G L4B is named Fragmentation.

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Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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